Starbucks is Coming, Starbucks is Coming!


KevBo avatarstarbucks cupOh dear god not another one. Now opening soon at Oxford and wharncliffe , London Ontario. This makes perfect sense to me (a hint of sarcasm), remove a great restaurant (The Paragon) and replace it with Starbucks. If that isnt a million dollar idea I dont know what is.

This is normal though.

Not its not that I hate so called “corporate america” or anything, I cant say that as I shop at Walmart from time to time, feel free to hate me now or later for that. Its that something has to be said when starbucks expands even after they hand out public reports saying that they have been expanding too quickly and its not within their business plan to operate in such a way.

As soon as the Paragon disappeared me and the boys at work called that a Starbucks would be going in where the Paragon left (with a face lift none the less). It was obvious but we wanted to know why another “less corporate show” would have done there. Ok we didnt want to know, working where I do we do the reasons but we thought with some civic support and a financial break by the city, this would have been the perfect spot for a Little Red Roaster or something of the sort.

I know full well that the rent here is going to be sky high (due to renovations primarily) but it would have been a prime location.

A location like this could have given any local company, service company, the exposure it needed with the university students standing in front of it 8 months of the year, but perhaps that was just it.

In the end I know it was coming, it was inevitable, and Im sure it will last, with the support of UWO students & their parents pocket books its bound to be shelling out $9.00 coffees for a long time coming.

(thats got to make you feel better about gas prices though, when your coffee costs a shit load more per litre than gas done)


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One Response to “Starbucks is Coming, Starbucks is Coming!”

  1. Steve M Says:

    I agree that a Little Red Roaster there would have been awesome, I love good coffee and go to the Market every day to support local business. I expect they’re a bit gun-shy and/or broke after their location at Richmond & Piccadilly closed.

    That being said, I think you are being unfair to Starbucks. Firstly, a cup of black coffee is $2, and even their most expensive lattes or specialty coffees are $6, I’ve never seen any single item that costs $9. Secondly, there is a very good reason that they are expanding in London, and that is because there is a market for higher quality coffee. Though it pains me as a Canadian to say this, I can’t drink that Tim Hortons swill. Their idea of a cappuccino is hot water and flavoured powder coming out of a machine. A Starbucks cappuccino is made from a fresh shot of espresso and steamed milk. The fat content of a Iced Cap is astronomical. So while I would pick Red Roaster over a Starbucks any day, I would also pick a Starbucks over a Tim Hortons any day, and I’m not alone.

    They can only expand as long as people keep buying their products, and I agree that that prime location will do veeery well for that franchise owner.

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