In The News – 2008/06/10


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fowgre avatarLocal, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!


  • Continuing water fees debate
  • Council budgets $1.3M for a prediction
  • Faulkner ‘reluctant’ to disclose budget details
  • Fish radio
  • Police Media Releases
  • Canada/Ontario

  • Hamilton agrees to hire ethics watchdog
  • Link between Ontario smog and premature deaths
  • Municipal “buy local” food policies
  • Liberals consult while the poor suffer
  • Toronto’s $1B pedestrian-friendly infrastructure additions
  • Canada/Other

  • Contract dispute pits Fuelcast against Tory attack ads
  • Do racist tatoos on children constitute abuse?
  • Mixing eastern cultures with our own
  • One Cent Now revisited
  • Ontario courts shortchange the mentally ill
  • International

  • U.S. destruction of Guantanamo evidence
  • Europe’s waste disposal problem
  • Somalian peace deal
  • Synaptic proteins vital for brainpower
  • What’s a petaflop?
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