Cycling as a positive.


KevBo avatarMonday is a short bike video featuring Mike Bentham set to “Always For You” by The Album Leaf.

Positive messages, rather then the often caustic method of promoting a cycling culture, can benefit more from videos like this then all the critical mass demonstrations.

This video captures the joy of riding, making you want to go grab the bike, and making it fun and cool at the same time. It doesn’t look down on you for owning a car, and it doesn’t try to disrupt your commute; it’s positive and gets a the point across without being a jerk about it.


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3 Responses to “Cycling as a positive.”

  1. fowgre Says:

    It’s a great video John. Thanks for posting it. However, I’m wondering about your reference to critical mass demonstrations. Did you have a bad experience with one of them?

  2. Phronk Says:

    Incredible video. At first I was like “oh wow, I’m watching a dude bike down the street”…but then he did things I didn’t know were even possible on a bike. Nice.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I think thats one of the first videos from YouTube that Ive actually watched straight through in its entirety. As John mentioned, it captures the joy of riding and makes you want to go out and ride. Its a video that displays riding for what it is, whether it is dirt, street, trials, or road. I actually feel like going for a ride now (although its raining.)

    This is the sort of thing that I would love to see a local bike shop playing on a big screen in their shop.

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