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fowgre avatarNow that the minutes of the 2008/06/16 ETC meeting have been published on the city website, I’m pleased to be able to announce here that I’ve been appointed to the city’s Transportation Advisory Committee as a pedestrian representative.

No word yet from the Community & Protective Services Committee about whether or not my application for membership on CSCP will be approved.

Appended 2008/06/23:

Okay, here’s the convoluted tale as I understand it so far.

When I appeared before CSCP, I was told by the Chair of that advisory committee that there was an opening and I was invited to apply. In the process of doing so, the Living In The City came out which revealed an opening on TAC. So I requested that my application to CSCP be amended to include an application to TAC as well. One of the committee secretaries informed me that the City Clerk had agreed to amend my original application to include the second one as well and that there was no problem.

Totally unrelated to my applications and without any knowledge on my part, one of the councillors who is currently a member of ETC decided that my demonstrated interest in pedestrian issues merited an appointment to TAC. My name was put forward at the last ETC meeting and the committee approved the appointment. I was then unofficially informed via email of the approval after the fact.

I’ve subsequently been told: “…I made the suggestion to appt you given your interest in the issue of pedestrian safety. At the time I did not know you had applied, it just made good sense to me.” It’s nice to know that my efforts have caught at least one councillor’s attention, even though I continue to be ignored by my own ward councillor.

In any event, when I received news of the ETC approval, I assumed that it was a result of my applications, ie that the City Clerk had forwarded them to ETC. And so there was no reason for me to question ETC’s action or to ask any questions. It appeared to be a done deal.

Still, I waited for official confirmation in the form of the committee’s published minutes before announcing the appointment here on my blog.

So here’s the monkey wrench.

The ETC approval then went to Wednesday’s Board of Control for some reason. Why it wouldn’t have gone to today’s City Council along with the rest of the ETC report isn’t clear to me. In any event, Board of Control decided:

22. That clause 4 of the 11th Report of the Environment and Transportation Committee BE AMENDED to read as follows: “That the appointment of a representative to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) for the term ending November 30,2010 BE CONSIDERED in accordance with the Council-established process for the filling of vacancies on Advisory Committees during a Council term which involves the consideration of all applications for the available position by a Nominating Committee comprised of the Manager of Legislative Services, the Chair of the Advisory Committee for which the application is being considered and the Chair of the Standing Committee to which the Advisory Committee reports.”

In response to my follow-up email inquiry, I received this reply: “That recommendation went to B of C and they could have done 2 things – 1 passed it notwithstanding the policy or 2 refer it to the nominating cte. They chose the latter which means your application will be reviewed by the nominating cte and a recommendation will go to B of C. The Manager of Legislative Services is in clerks. A new staff member has just been appt and I can remember her name at this moment.”

So, instead of being decided by the applicable standing committee or the whole Council, applications are decided by 3 individuals only, and apparently not in a public meeting. If that’s wrong I expect that somebody will correct me. Please. Because I have a particular concern with it.

That’s where things stand at the moment, dear readers. I’ll try to update you on what transpires next, just as soon as I find out.


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7 Responses to “TAC Appointment”

  1. KevBo Says:

    Congrats. Thats a step in the right direction.

  2. fowgre Says:

    Thanks, but there’s been a monkey wrench thrown into things. I have to admit that the perceived approval happened a lot easier than what I had anticipated, given my bad habit of telling things the way that I see them. It turns out that my appointment is still very much in doubt. I’ll be blogging about it later in the day. Suffice it to say for now that I’m very upset about the continued communication problems down at City Hall. It’s almost as if they wanted to confuse people.

  3. Butch McLarty Says:

    The ETC makes recommendations to City Council. Council makes all decisions regarding advisory committee appointments.

    Normally, however, such recommendations regarding advisory committee appointments are rubber-stamped.

  4. picard102 Says:

    These idiots need to stop publishing shit in PDF already.

  5. picard102 Says:

    Wow, what a mess of people to do one small thing.

  6. Butch McLarty Says:

    Council can still reverse this and appoint you to the TAC.

  7. fowgre Says:

    I’m not exactly sure what’s going on or whether to be upset or not. I just don’t want anybody to think that I was trying to mislead them with my initial post.

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