Car-Free Streets… Inspire Debate


KevBo avatarToday when reading the New York Times an article caught my eye and I thought that it might be worth throwing up on here and see what people’s thoughts are.

The title of the article (as this post’s title reflects) is Car-Free Streets, a Colombian Export, Inspire Debate. Below is a little snippit of it to give you a little more of an idea (if the title didnt say enough).

Summer Streets — New York City’s recreational experiment that will convert 6.9 miles of Manhattan into a car-free park during parts of three Saturdays in August — originated in the Andes. It was born 32 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia, as the Ciclovía, or bicycle pathway, now a 70-mile route through the heart of the city that each Sunday attracts more than one million people on two wheels and two legs.

My thoughts on this? Im not too sure as of yet, but if I had to make up my mind I would say that Im torn. I can see the positive and the negatives and both sides have very valid arguments. If New York could do it why couldnt any other city? Im not saying that New York is the poster child for what cities should do, but rather if a city that has its structure, layout, infrastructure etc can accomplish something of this magnitude why couldnt other cities? Now I know that you have to take into consideration the urban morphology of any given city and that some would be more suited than others, but I think that if a good proportion of cities that are based around the automobile economy look at this idea they might find some merit in it and might be able to implement something with some characteristics of this idea in their own back yard.

What do you think?

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One Response to “Car-Free Streets… Inspire Debate”

  1. picard102 Says:

    Manhattan is actually ideally laid out for this sort of thing, with a great infrastructure to support it. It’s almost entirely a perfect grid.

    I don’t think this would work everywhere, Toronto maybe, but not London. We don’t have the infrastructure to keep the city going, nor do I think politicians will get on board with spending so much money on facilities for renting and repairing bikes, as well as free lessons in dance and yoga like New York is.

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