Media Interview Request: Drive-Thru Issue


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Today upon arriving home I received an email from a journalist working for the French CBC Radio (based in Toronto) informing me that they are looking to do a long feature story on the drive-through debate going recently in the City of London (Ontario).

This journalist has asked for my help (of all people’s) to find citizens in favour of “restrictions” to drive-thrus in the City of London.

The journalist has also mentioned that he is looking for some grassroots groups on the same subject (not necessarily a bigger “Greenpeace”-like operation).

First the journalist would like to first identify some people that are in favour of “restrictions”, first chat with them over the phone, in order to identify their arguments, concerns, etc.

Then in a week or two he/she would travel to London, meet with the citizens they are interested in talking (for about an hour or so in the day) in order to tape a formal interview for the radio show.

The final results, with quotes from both sides of the debate (with the anti-restriction argument coming from the recent “Tim Hortons” media exposure) would be aired on the nation current affair show (name unknown to the author of this post).

Ideally the journalist is looking for French-speaking Londoners who might have been to City Hall, or that would go on July 15th when the issue will be heard at Centennial Hall, but that is ideally and Im not sure of the response rate of this request in London, Ontario.

Formal Request

If you are interested in possible participation in the continuing drive-thru debate and would like to speak to a member of the media in regards to this I ask that you please email me at washed (DOT) ca (AT) gmail (DOT) com with your contact information: Full Name, Email Address and Phone Number and IF YOU SPEAK FRENCH so that I may forward it onto the journalist as I have been asked to do. If you do not feel comfortable sending me all of this information I will at least need your Full Name and Email Address and IF YOU SPEAK FRENCH.


Please remember that the request was for those citizens that are in favour of “restrictions” and not those that are against the restrictions. Please save everyone’s time and effort by only responding if you are infast in favour of the restriction and willing to speak to the media in regards to this.


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6 Responses to “Media Interview Request: Drive-Thru Issue”

  1. fowgre Says:

    Kev: I passed it on to a local environmental network and I’m guessing that you’re about to get some response.

  2. Bill Deys Says:

    So why are the only looking to talk to “normal people” or grass roots orgs that are FOR the restrictions, and only showcasing the Corporate side of the against argument? In interest of fair attention should the call for both situations on both sides?

  3. fowgre Says:

    I swear to God I don’t have anything to do with this! I’m totally innocent! LOL

  4. Rod Morley Says:

    I have run as a councillor for the City in the last election. I am on two advisory committees for the City of London. I am in favour of restrictions.

  5. KevBo Says:


    From what I understood from my brief exchange of emails with this journalist is that although they mention Tim Hortons they are necessarily speaking to the corporate entities but rather those who support Tim Hortons (and other vendors) standpoint. I gather that they are speaking to those “normal people” that signed the petition, some 40 000 + of them (if that number is in fact truthful). So I have no doubt that they will be showcasing both sides of the argument. I guess its just the way I worded it. But remember, this is only my interpretation on the emails that were sent to me.

    Rod. If youre interested please email me with the information asked for.


  6. Bill Deys Says:

    Thank for clarifying I was confused.

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