It Sucks to Ride LTC Today


fowgre avatarAccording to the LTC website, “buses will operate on a Sunday schedule.” In other words, expect to spend a hell of a lot more time waiting for the bus to come, then the travelling time to actually get anywhere. This is how the City of London’s phony politicians try to promote alternate transportation modes.

Reduced service on Canada’s national holiday? Shouldn’t it be frequent, and free?

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One Response to “It Sucks to Ride LTC Today”

  1. NIAC Says:

    It IS such a pain. I am actually glad we decided to take today off: Where I work, there is NO Sunday/Holiday service. Actually, there isn’t service other than Monday-Friday.

    A few “cross-town express” buses (planned) and a few “Blue Line” buses (laughed at, apparently) would make the LTC so much better.

    Then again, a single run out to Meadowbrook would make the LTC better. 😉

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