In The News – 2008/07/03


fowgre avatarLocal, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!

Disclaimer: I regret that I can only ensure the validity of these links at the time that the articles are published. The (unscrupulous?) practise of some media outlets to subsequently redirect links to advertisements is completely out of my control and beyond my capacity to monitor.


  • New police contract draws political potshots
  • Police Media Releases
  • These bolts are costing megabucks
  • Canada/Ontario

  • Casino sportsbook proposal
  • Deportation of American deserters
  • Is biofuel from agricultural waste on the level?
  • Nursing home care is substantard
  • Single-source transit contracting
  • Toronto’s ballooning debt
  • Canada/Other

  • Abused on all levels
  • Misappropriation of personality?
  • International

  • Are today’s youth the dumbest?
  • Benefits of higher gas prices and auto tolls
  • Canada’s failed African commitment
  • Harper blames Bush for enviro inaction
  • Many cyclone victims in Burma still without help
  • Trash talk
  • Watermelon vs Viagra
  • Advertisements


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