Muzzle Equity


fowgre avatarA bit of an embarrassment, to be sure. Mail delivery to an entire neighbourhood suspended, because the dog with a penchant for running after postmen also happens to belong to one of the councillors who routinely decides matters relating to the city’s dog bylaw (inc. appeals of orders that dogs be muzzled).

Excuses and apologies and even the dog’s diminuitive size notwithstanding, the optics of this issue are important. Should politicians (or their pets) be treated to a different standard?

Submitted to the LFP earlier this afternoon …

Having attended many meetings of the ETC in which significant time was taken up by dog muzzling appeals, and knowing that in the vast majority of cases those dog owners did go away with a muzzle order imposed upon their dogs, and in the spirit of equality and fairness…

I propose that the simple solution to Mr. Hubert’s dilemna is that he muzzle his dog when it’s outside.

01. 2008/07/17; LFP; Postie-loving pooch…


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2 Responses to “Muzzle Equity”

  1. Butch McLarty Says:

    To be accurate and fair, orders to muzzle dogs come after a biting incident. Chloe, the dog in question, is not on record as ever biting anyone.

  2. Gord Harrison Says:

    i agree. what’s fair for one is fair for Mr. Hubert.


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