The Homosexual Agenda.


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Gay Pride FlagGay pride is invading London this week, and not everyone is happy about it.

The ten day event celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered diversity kicked off Thursday and will run its course filled with events such as the Miss Pride Pageant Friday, live theater and various concerts throughout the week, and a variety of family and kids oriented activities all topped off with the annual pride parade downtown where organizers expect 15,000 people to show up in support of the community.

But the raising of the rainbow flag on Friday at city hall apparently is one step to far for a group who have posted flyer’s downtown in protest of the flying of non government flags, taking the opportunity to lash out at the gay community as well. The flyer titled “Controversy London” invites other concerned and critically thinking Canadians to say no to the raising of the flag, and to take a stand against the city council filled with “Jack Layton wannabees, and their controversial gay agenda.” The flyer goes on to detail a protest of the festival on Sunday, the same day as the festivals annual Pride Parade.

London has been historically at odds with the pride festival; in 1995 then Mayor Dianne Haskett, as well as Council by a vote of 14-5, refused to issue a proclamation for the event, and more recently in 2007 Controller Gosnell voiced concerns when council decided to let the rainbow flag fly at city hall, fearing that they had opened the flood gates to other groups when the guidelines at the time only allowed government flags.

It doesn’t seem like an odd request, to only fly government flags at a government building; and it would certainly remove some of the teeth from those using the issue to launch broader attacks. Because it’s doubtful the issue of the flag at city hall is the root of the protest and probably more about peoples religious beliefs and general homophobia.

People seems to be divided over the issue, some wondering if the city would be as equitable to an “anglo saxon heterosexual festival” flag, others happy to see the gay community recognized.

The Gay Pride parade starts at 1:00pm from Central Spa, and works its way down Dundas to the JLC. The anti-gay protest also begins at 1:00pm on the corner of Dundas and Colborne.

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3 Responses to “The Homosexual Agenda.”

  1. Bill Deys Says:

    I’m not against Gays, I don’t really care how people choose to live their lives as long as it doesn’t effect mine. I don’t think that city hall should be flying any flag other then London’s, Ontario’s, or Canada’s.

    It’s not a big deal that they do, I just think that there is a big kettle of hot water just waiting to be jumped in with the issue. It has to be all or none, and I don’t think all will work in the long run. There is just too many specialty flags that special interest groups want to fly. They should have their right to do so on their own homes and buildings but not be able to force that anywhere else.

    The other big issue you touched on is what would happen if we asked them to put up an “anglo saxon heterosexual festival” flag or for heavens sake sanction a parade! The women, gays and black would devour us! Everyone wants equal though right!?!

  2. fowgre Says:

    John: I would personally rather that the city adopt a policy of only flying government flags, since otherwise this is a kettle of fish that is sure to cause more stinks in the future.

    Bill: I don’t doubt that there might possibly be objections raised to an ‘anglo-saxon hetero’ flag/parade by some individuals, but I’ve no reason to suspect those identifiable groups that you cited.

  3. John Leschinski Says:

    An anglo-saxon hetero parade would basically be a white pride, KKK, parade. I can see minority races having a big issue with it.

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