London’s Other Pride Parade.


John Leschinski avatarPro-Pride banditos.As I arrived at Colbourne and Dundas the distinct lack of any protesters was overshadowed by the amount of police officers milling about, waiting for the group to arrive, notifying people waiting for the annual Pride Parade about the possibility of trouble with another type of parade organizing at this corner. One mother took the opportunity to explained to her child that some “bad people” who’s views didn’t match her own might show up, not unlike those “bad people” might tell their children about the other protest group that arrived latter on and the parade itself.

The group of five “bad people” who had been posting fliers downtown voicing their dissatisfaction in the parade and the raising of the flag at city hall slowly began to show up with signage detailing their dissatisfaction with city hall, gay adoption, and gay marriage. They informed the police who immediately congregated near them that they were not looking for trouble, and that they were there to voice their views in a peaceful manner, and repeatedly declined to speak with the media.

It seemed like it was going to be a non-event with the low numbers and a demure manner, but the arrival of a group of “anti-fascist” teenagers wearing masks changed that, intent on creating a disturbance and succeeding in drawing more attention to the “nazis” they were there to combat, blocking them with large banners and attempting to intimidate them.

At one point the intimidation tactics grew into a small scuffle as a teen tried to grab the signs from the anti-pride group resulting in the arrest of one of the teens and the threat of arrest for several other teens involved. The masked teens then turned their chanting and angst against the police, who were keeping the teens from causing further violence. Which was the problem as far as they were concerned, accusing the police of protecting “nazi scum”.

In the end both groups went their own way, the “nazis” back home and the teens to gather money for bail.

Fuck the Police

Parade of Heterophobes

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Shame on city council
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2 Responses to “London’s Other Pride Parade.”

  1. steve Says:

    This whole article is written as though there is some kind of moral equivalence between Holocaust supporters and anti-racist activists.


    Anyway, for a more balanced, more journalistic description of the events, readers can look here:

  2. John Leschinski Says:

    If by balanced and journalistic you mean completely biased and inaccurate then yes, indymedia has great coverage.

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