A Friday Walkabout


Friday nights the crazy drivers come out to play. But this week it looked like they were getting an early start.

gf20080801005Here’s some excitement taking place just west of the Commissioners/King Edward intersection that I’ve expressed concern about. It looked as if somebody took out one of the median light standards, but nobody was talking.

gf20080801007This is a scene that’s all too common to London pedestrians, and one which I blogged about before. It’s called obstruction.



gf20080801008More serious. This woman didn’t want to wait for the vehicle in front of her to turn left out of the plaza, so she decided to sqeeze through on it’s passenger side. Problem was, I was already started across the exit along the sidewalk. Did she care? And did she stop after I yelled at her? The license is clearly visible, but trying to get Sgt. Tom O’Brien to lay charges is an exersize in futility.

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