Tariffs meet Aerobics Class


Today’s journey began when Peter Donato’s newsletter from MyNextRace.com arrived. It reminded me about Can-Fit-Pro‘s upcoming conference.

I remembered reading the Can-Fit-Pro conference will attempt to set two world records for largest class size in each of indoor cycling [PDF 269 KB] and pilates [PDF 131 KB]. So, I thought I’d double check the dates since either of those would be fun classes and I may find myself in town to participate.

I saw an image link on Can-Fit-Pro’s home page which read Crisis: Stop The Proposed Music Tariff. I just had to click through since I heard of no such new thing. (In all fairness, I am behind in reading Geist and Knopf.)

Thank you Google Search Engine for finding me the Dance Ontario site which explained where to find this: NRCC tariff no. 6 [243 KB PDF; on page 14 of 18]

Yes, they do want to charge $3 per fitness class for the use of “a published sound recording embodying a musical work or a performers’ performance is communicated to the public”.

If you don’t want the price of your aerobics classes to double from this and any other new tariffs being passed along to you, the consumer, then take a look at either the NRCC tariff or even better, Dance Ontario (about six screens down in the right hand column) to learn how to share your thoughts with the Copyright Board.

If you also wonder how out of touch with reality the tariff collecting societies can be, then take a peek at this tell tale sign: Members Distribution Information

(I found the Members Distribution page full of latin filler “Lorem ipsum dolor” when I visited it on July 30, 2008. With luck, you will find useful information in its place.

Also at the time of my visit, they wanted to hire spies: Previous surveillance/private investigation experience would be an asset.)


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