An Ugly Truth About Urban Sprawl


Koodo2008081203Another corporate chain has apparently decided to abandon the the Glen Cairn neighbourhood in order to relocate in the new Meadowlilly development to the east. The one which is built on top of what used to be very productive farmland. The one where Wal-Mart apparently has it’s eyes on a location right next to protected green space.

Where are Roger Caranci and Cheryl Miller while this established but demographically poorer area of the city is allowed to degenerate? Do the city councillor’s who were elected to represent the welfare of our residents care at all about the serious negative impact that the migration of businesses out of this area will have on it’s many citizens who will find it extremely difficult (or impossible) to access them in their new locations?


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6 Responses to “An Ugly Truth About Urban Sprawl”

  1. John Leschinski Says:

    Sure it’s not becuase Blockbuster in general is a failing business and is shutting down stores left and right? I wouldn’t be supprised if they all closed shop tomorow.

  2. KVL Says:

    Ive never bothered to use Blockbuster as I cant seem to justify spending $6.00 to rent a movie that Im only going to have one night when I can go to the local corner store and get for $2.00. Sure there is the question of movie selection but thats still pretty good at the local stores.

    Oh and apparently the owner of that plaza has the intentions of building housing (low income I think)

  3. fowgre Says:

    K: is the plaza reference just a rumour? if you know anything more substantive then that send me an email, because the community association should be given a heads-up.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I can see if I ca find something more substantial. I have a close friend who has worked at that location for sometime now and he has informed me that the ultimate goals of the owner is to have residential there, but I have no hard information.

    I will see if he can get me something, maybe a notice or something, no promises though.

  5. fowgre Says:

    Submitted to the LFP: “The continued exodus of businesses from Glen Cairn to Meadowlilly makes no sense from a city planning perspective. The latest pullout is by BlockBuster, which was preceded by the Bank of Montreal. While City Council dithers, a huge dead zone is being created along the north side of Commissioners Road E. between Pond Mills and Highbury Ave. What will be next to pull out? The Zellers, or the Food Basics?”

  6. fowgre Says:

    Here’s a link that I just came across:

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