In The News – 2008/08/13


Local, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!

Disclaimer: I regret that I can only ensure the validity of these links at the time that the articles are published. The (unscrupulous?) practise of some media outlets to subsequently redirect links to advertisements is completely out of my control and beyond my capacity to monitor.


Blackout Challenge
City fails to protect ‘Shuttleworth Bush’ woodlot
Jet d’eau delayed
PCB testing… maybe
Police Media Releases
Rumours about Galleria Mall


Class-action lawsuits by a Toronto neighbourhood
Elementary teachers seek student funding parity
Home-care crisis costs taxpayers
Proposed Stratford Wal-Mart hearing


$35M to set up an organ-donor system
Harper government obstructing access to human-rights records
Incidence of air-pollution deaths expected to soar
Questionable legality of Tory ‘In-and-Out’ election scheme


Evidence of abuse by Indian peacekeepers
NYC law against air-conditioning marketing ploy
Olympics ‘production’ fakery
Reduced rates for women are discriminatory towards men
The Olympics – channeling tribal passions



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