In The News – 2008/08/20


Local, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!

Disclaimer: I regret that I can only ensure the validity of these links at the time that the articles are published. The (unscrupulous?) practise of some media outlets to subsequently redirect links to advertisements is completely out of my control and beyond my capacity to monitor.


Is Harper scheming to circumvent fixed-term legislation?
Police Media Releases


Debt-leveraged buyouts
Harper Conservatives are too loony for Ontario city-dwellers
Leadership needed from Deb Matthews, not posturing


Canada’s funding formula penalizes Ontario
Constraints on Quebec’s succession
Gratuitous animal cruelty must be stopped
Harper Conservatives wage war against Canadian culture
Healthcare polarization hurts us all
Privacy Commissioner is way wrong this time
Spontaneous judicial outburst sheds truth on Canada’s legal system


Cash bonuses reflect sad reality of modern Olympics
Fruit juices inhibit meds
Living off refuse



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