Labatt Memorial Baseball Park & Noise By-laws


KevBo avatarThere has been a City By-Law in London, Ontario has has bothered me for as long as I can remember. It baffles my mind and I just can’t bring myself to understand how it even exists. There are numerous By-Laws that I may not agree with but I am sure they are for the greater good and although this might be one of them I really think that The City has taken the wrong approach to this situation.

As I said, there are many By-Laws that are implemented in The City that are needed on a daily basis; noise, open alcohol, laws dealing with pets, the list goes on, but then there are others that aren’t needed and the fact that they are laws makes me wonder how they became laws.

For example, why do we need a by-law saying you cant park on the public streets between 3-5am in the middle of summer? It makes no sense. In the winter Im ok with it because of snow removal, but in the summer, what a joke. This law certainly does not exist in the summer so that street cleaners can operate, because as we all know they work in the middle of the day and end up causing issues not only in the downtown area but across the city (I know they work in the evenings as well, but they do not exclusively have to). So that might just be a By-Law that we don’t need, and something that The City has been looking into. One that is good By-Law, in my honest opinion, is the one about parking cars on your front lawn, it just looks messy and junk yard like to have cars parked on your lawn, and I think that most people would argue that is not what lawns are for.

In any city there are good and bad laws, that is always going to be the case, but then there are stupid laws that were influenced by stupid people. I have two examples, one a local example the other from Toronto.

Labatt Memorial Baseball ParkLabatt Park

For those of you who don’t know, Labatt Memorial Park is in London, Ontario and it is the oldest operating baseball field/diamond in the world (this is an ongoing debate, but that is not the topic of discussion here). Currently is it used primarily by the London Majors Baseball team and on occasion for special events, in the past it was use more often with the London Tigers, London Warewolves and London Monarchs all taking their turn in the ballpark.

Although this is the worlds oldest ballpark in operation there is a city By-Law that prohibits it from operating as it should. The By-Law (a portion of it) reads as follow:For evening baseball, no inning is to begin after 11:00 pm and all field lighting is to be turned off by 11:30 pm., or something of that nature.

(NOTE: I had a link to the Labatt Ballpark User Guidelines from The City, but when they updated their site the link no longer worked, therefore I had to remove it)

This By-Law came into place (I can’t remember what year), because the residents in the area complaining about the lights and the noise that the ball park produced at night.

I find this to be somewhat of a joke for the following reasons

Labatt Park has been in its location for far longer than any of the residents have been. It is true that the ballpark has changed its orientation after the flood (1883) but the ballpark has still been there longer than any reisdent. For this reason those whom choose to purchase propery in the area should be aware of the ballpark and the business which happens there, they should respect the ballpark, its heritage and the heritage of the City of London. Take for example if someone were to move into a home next to a steel mill, the steel mill isn’t going to be shut down just because someone that just moved in doesn’t agree with its use.

Second, a person could argue that there was never any real noise or disturbance from the park and its use as the ball clubs that have played there have never brought in enough spectators to cause any noise. London isn’t a baseball town.

This is one By-Law that I think should not be in existance. Those who buy properties in such an area should be well aware of what is arround the. For this specific example I find it funny that people will buy a home in an area that has been known to flood (when subsequently lives were lost) and still do so with no complaints, yet they find it easy enough to complain about a heritage property that is promoting and supporting recreation. It blows my mind.

Now on to my second, somewhat related item.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

This law I don’t know too much about personally, but I find it to be a poor By-Law none the less.

Tell me this: What was there first, the airport or all of the houses that they have built around the airport in the last 20 years?? The Airport (1939) was there first, thank you very much.

If you want to buy a home right next to one of the busiest airports in the Country (if not the world) then that is your choice but you should be prepared to live with the sound of the airport for the rest of your life, not expect the planes to stop flying.

Currently Transport Canada has imposed a limit on all aircraft movements between 12:30am and 6:30am. This is one of the worst laws ever. It is one of the worlds busiest airports, Canada’s busiest airport and its not even open 24 hours. Think of all the money, business and tourism that The City is missing out on all because people think they should have priority over something that came 50 + years before they did.

Both of these examples just baffle my mind. I love the fact that Government bends over backwards to appease home buyers when they really shouldn’t have to. The home buyers should respect what has been historically in their neighbourhood and either deal with it or not move into the area. Changes on such scales as whats been outlined here should not take place, but apparently in these modern days cities across our nation have to compensate for the ignorance of the un-educated home buyers out there.


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6 Responses to “Labatt Memorial Baseball Park & Noise By-laws”

  1. fowgre Says:

    Kevin: It’s an argument that I’ve made in the past with respect to wildlife. People buy into new developments on the periphery of the community that intrude into greenspace, and then complain about the subsequent interaction that occurs. What are other species supposed to do as we continue to gobble up more and more space for ourselves?

  2. KVL Says:

    One of my favourite examples of the wildlife issue is that of Sifton Bog. People complain day after day about the deer but as you mentioned the deer were there long before the humans were.

    Im not sure if I should blame the Stupid home buyers, the stupid City or both.

  3. Titus Ferguson Says:

    I know that this is totally off topic, but KVL brought it up so I want to talk about it.

    The deer in Sifton Bog needed to be culled. There, I said it. I know its unpopular, but for the good of the animals there, the other wildlife and yes, dare I even say it, the homes.

    None of the deer in the vicinity are healthy. They are all sickly skinny because of over crowding. Not only that, they eat and tramble all the rare floral present, which is what really ought to be protected.

    Not only are the deer harming themselves, but their “invasion” into backyards cause all sorts of problems. Because when deer can’t find food, they get into garbages etc.

    You’re right, the deer were hear before houses. But so were the wolves that look after the deer. We don’t want the wolves anymore so now we have to deal with deer.

    It is possible for both humans and wildlife to live together, but in the end, humans are going to win. We just need to find a place for the wildlife to fit into that.

    I know that was a huge rant, but I’m too lazy to go back and edit. Good post Kevin.

  4. KVL Says:

    “We just need to find a place for the wildlife to fit into that. ”

    How bout another Zoo?

    Just kidding

  5. John Leschinski Says:

    Do we have a Zoo? London needs a big zoo like the Central Park Zoo.

  6. Kevin Says:

    this is the closest thing london has/had to a zoo

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