What to do with $33M ?


The $33M windfall that London will receive from the $1.1-billion provincial infrastructure package is somewhat smaller than Hamilton’s $48M, but it’s still a nice lump of cash to squabble over. The question is, who will be allowed to squabble over it?

Will Roger Caranci succeed in having the Lion’s share diverted into the questionably-intelligent Hale/Trafalgar overpass project? Will Tom Gosnell be able to finagle enough of it into some downtown parking garages? Will politicians opt to widen more roads and build new ones, increasing future maintenance costs without worrying about how those will be paid for?

Most interesting to me, how much of that money will be spent to improve things for London’s pedestrians and bicyclists?

Will I finally get a response from City Hall with respect to the dangerous Commissioners Rd. E. arterial? Or will they continue to ignore the situation until pedestrians start to die?

Will we see significantly increased funding for the walkways lighting program? Or will they continue to ignore that situation until more women are raped?

A review of London’s Transportation Master Plan is set to get underway. Let’s hope that none of this money will be earmarked for anything until that process is complete. And let’s hope that the TMP review will be comprehensive and seriously consider our alternative transportation needs instead of simply giving us more political rhetoric.


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