In The News – 2008/08/27


Local, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!

Disclaimer: I regret that I can only ensure the validity of these links at the time that the articles are published. The (unscrupulous?) practise of some media outlets to subsequently redirect links to advertisements is completely out of my control and beyond my capacity to monitor.


Police Media Releases
Goldfish and carp are threatening our river
Possible drowning
Traffic-light tampered with?
We’re sexually under-serviced


Free parking is a redundant incentive
Toronto’s personal vehicle tax
Ottawa hospital tries to impose bad surgeons


Abortion debate still very much alive
Destroying natural wetlands for a ‘green initiative’
Do we have a name-only food safety agency?
Hold politicians accountable for public safety mess
How old is that candy bar?
Jailbreak warnings must come sooner
Mapping our Arctic mineral riches
More paper shuffling than meat inspecting
Municipal concerns touted as #1 priority
Poverty must be on the political radar screen
Taser report supressed until after the election
Which politician is telling the affordable housing truth?


Kashmir dispute is a ticking timebomb
U.S. Democratic convention gives legitimacy to bloggers
World bank sets yardstick for ‘extreme poverty’ at $1.25 per day



One Response to “In The News – 2008/08/27”

  1. John Leschinski Says:

    Wow, finally an interesting convention in London. You going to report on the sex show Greg?

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