Pedestrian Signals Reporting


Having crossed to the N. pedestrian island on the E. side of Wellington Rd. S. I dutifully pressed the button for the pedestrian signal, and waited.

The traffic lights changed to green for the vehicles travelling east-west, but the pedestrian signal didn’t change for me. So I waited some more. And the traffic lights turned red. No signal for me.

Pressed the button again. And again I waited. Through another cycle change. This time when the traffic lights changed to green for the east-west vehicles I proceeded carefully across the street, against the pedestrian signal which still said “Don’t Walk.”

Upon reaching the other side without incident (other than some dirty looks from drivers) I proceeded to the sign which is attached to the standard there and made note of the telephone number for Transportation Services. And I called them.

And I got hung up on.

But I’m the persistent sort, and I called them back again.

This time a woman’s voice answered. I explained that I was having difficulty hearing her because of the traffic noise, but that I was calling to report a problem with the pedestrian signal. As I proceeded to attempt to describe the problem, I managed to make out the sound of a recording: “Your call is being transferred…”

After what seemed a fairly long delay the call was finally answered by another female voice. Again, there was some difficulty hearing because of the traffic. But I proceeded to explain that I was calling to report a problem with a pedestrian signal and that my call had been transferred to her for some reason. To which she replied, “What city are you calling from?”

Excuse me?

So I asked a couple of my own questions. Who was I talking to? And where was she located?

To which she replied “Langley Utilities” and “Hamilton.”


Without any further ado I terminated the call, and resolved to pursue the matter via email.

There had dammed well better not be a long-distance charge on my next cellphone bill.

3 Responses to “Pedestrian Signals Reporting”

  1. Derek Says:

    That’s very odd. If it was a 519 area code number you should be fine, but still… there should be someone in the city of London handling that type of call.

  2. Jesse Says:

    This happens to me so often – pressing the button and waiting for a green signal, and waiting and waiting while the cycles come and go – mostly on Bradley/Ernest or Bradley/Montgomery. I never thought of calling to report it. I’ll do that in future. I hope there’s no long distance charge on your bill……

  3. fowgre Says:

    If the traffic signals are controlled at City Hall (they’ve shown me the room where they do the monitoring) then why would it be any different for pedestrian signals? If it is, then that speaks volumes to me about the lack of respect in this city for the safety/convenience of pedestrians.

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