Pedestrian Obstruction


This morning. Just before noon. More of the same…


Forget calling the police or complaining to City Hall … pedestrians aren’t even on their radar screen unless it comes to meaningless rhetoric. All I can do is continue to document this and other pedestrian problems and hope that over time it will contribute to similar action by other people. That might provide sufficient public embarrassment that they finally feel compelled to do something.

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2 Responses to “Pedestrian Obstruction”

  1. Phronk Says:

    Perhaps I’m not seeing the big deal here. Cars often have to wait a while to turn (especially left turns), and may pull out over the sidewalk before a pedestrian is even approaching. They should definitely stop first, and courteous drivers will pull back in when they see someone approaching, but it’s no big inconvenience to go around the blocking car (usually after giving them a dirty look in my case). It sucks…but getting police involved??

  2. John Leschinski Says:

    Ya, I tend to just walk behind them if they are blocking the path. The fact is through a lot of drive ways and intersections require you to pull into pedestrian paths to even see oncoming traffic.

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