It’s All Branding BS


“In 2004, Municipal Council approved the re-branding of TDM to the SHIFT (Solutions to Help Individuals Find Transportation) Alternatives Program. The goal is to provide an understanding to Londoners of the many travel options available to them, such as walking, cycling, carpooling, and taking transit, and the vital role they play in moderating the effects of their personal transportation choices on the environment. The 2004 Transportation Master Plan describes future transportation plans in more detail.” 01

As I’ve stated on this blog many times before, it’s all spin. Vapour-ware. BS.

Whether it’s the way that my proposal for a Pedestrian Committee was handled, or the way that the police report about the dangerous intersection at Commissioners/Pond Mills has been ignored, or underfunding of the Walkway Lighting Program, failure to regulate the height of wooden fences that border walkways, failure to properly maintain landscaping along walkways and sidewalks and inadequate snow removal, the secret meeting in which my appointment to TAC was rejected, etc., all evidence points to the fact the London’s City Hall is full of crap.

London’s TMP is coming up for review. Stay tuned.

01. CLEAR: Shared Accountability; Improving Transportation

2005/06/15 – CityLondon: New initiative to increase Londoners physical activity
2007/05/07 – CAPS: ActiveLondon2010 Activities


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