In The News – 2008/09/03


Local, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!

Disclaimer: I regret that I can only ensure the validity of these links at the time that the articles are published. The (unscrupulous?) practise of some media outlets to subsequently redirect links to advertisements is completely out of my control and beyond my capacity to monitor.


Police Media Releases
Bike helmet law for children is justified
Service dogs to aid autistic children
Too much schoolwork is counterproductive
Warnings are not enough


Another municipal election finances controversy
Do elementary school teachers merit $90,000 salary?
Is Ontario’s ‘rent-a-cop’ business a racket?
Our family law system is unfair to men
Toronto’s transportation mess


Dion’s Green Shift electoral ‘adjustment’
Livent accounting fraud/forgery
MSM consortium must include the Green Party
When judges need to be judged
The public has a right to know
What are Conservatives really up to?


1st world conference of women’s shelters
Are Americans eating cloned meat?
Argentina’s continuing debt problem
Bolivia’s referendum troubles
International trade agreements stymie environmental protection
Nano car hits a roadblock
Resignation of Thailand’s premier demanded


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