TMP Review


On Aug. 11, City Council’s Environment and Transportation Committee passed the preliminary work plan for the update of the Transportation Master Plan.

    Phase A – Setting the Stage

  1. Study Design
  2. Public Participation Plan
  3. Public Notification & Study Initiation Document
  4. Transportation Model Update
    Phase B -Where Do We Stand?

  1. Peer Review & Best Practices Update
  2. Review of Current Systems &Trends
  3. Transportation Vision & Principles
  4. Needs & Opportunities Interim Report
  5. Public Information Centre #1
    Phase C – Goinq Forward: Growth, Operations, & Life Cycle

  1. Growth – Roads:
    1. Network Alternatives
    2. Assessment Criteria
    3. Transportation Model Forecasts
    4. Screening & Refinement of Network Alternatives
    5. Evaluation of Alternatives
  2. Growth -Transit:
    1. LTC Long Term Growth Management Strategy Overview
    2. Bus Rapid Transit Prospects for Mitigating Road Growth Needs
  3. Growth – Roads &Transit Reconciliation:
    1. Transportation Model Refinements
    2. Refinement of Network Alternatives
    3. Evaluation of Alternatives
  4. Operations – Roads
    1. Needs and Opportunities
  5. Operations -Transit
    1. Needs and Opportunities
  6. Operations -Alternative Transportation
    1. Needs and Opportunities
    2. Needs and Opportunities
  7. Life Cycle – Roads
  8. Life Cycle -Transit
    1. Needs and Opportunities
  9. Public Information Centre #2
  10. Evaluation of Network Alternatives, Interim Report

It’s expected that it will take 18 months to complete this update and cost $500,000.

I’m most interested in the recommendation “that a “London Transportation Master Plan Project Steering Committee” (The Steering Team) BE ESTABLISHED, comprised of representatives from the City of London Civic Administration and the London Transit Commission Administration.”

Who will represent London’s pedestrian and bicycling demographics? And where do they fit into this picture?


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