Bike Racks on LTC Buses


Spotted in this week’s CAPS agenda, in a letter to the committee. Subject to final approval of it’s 2009 budget, the LTC “will operate a one-year project, providing for the installation of bike racks on forty (40) buses.01 As currently planned, the pilot project will be limited to the #10/14 (Wonderland/Highbury), #16 (Adelaide), and #17 (Oxford West) routes.

01. 2008/09/08 – City London: CAPS Agenda item #2


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7 Responses to “Bike Racks on LTC Buses”

  1. dougrogers Says:

    Well, aint that a heck of a good idea. At first, I thought, why not all, but those routes seem decent choices as there isn’t much else bus-wise that feeds to and from them, and they do hit, reasonably, the centre of the city.

  2. Erica Says:


  3. fowgre Says:

    The #16 is the route that I take more than any other, so I’ll have a good opportunity to observe how well it does.

  4. Dan Labute Says:

    Very cool idea. I take the #17 frequently from Oxford and Hyde Park all the way down to Fanshawe College, and depending on where I’m going, places in between too. It’ll be really nice to be able to take my bike with me instead of leaving it locked up at the grocery store like I currently do.

    Looking forward to seeing how this goes, thanks for the heads up!

  5. KVL Says:

    I think these are good choices for the bike racks as these routes frequent suburban neighborhoods that do not have the greatest transit service. This new option will allow people to ride to a convenient bus stop rather than having to leave their home much earlier to walk.

    I think of the 14 and how it does not go into Summerside, rather, people have to transfer from teh 24 (baseline) which has very poor and limited service or have to walk from their homes to the closest bust stop (Deveron and Commissioners). This will fill a much needed gap, I only hope that the population will support it and make use of it so that it may be expanded to more routes.

  6. Titus Ferguson Says:

    The city of Moncton has bike racks on their buses. And they seem to work very well. The expand out as more bikes are added and its not uncommon to see them filled to capacity.

    I do wonder how this effects the drivers?

  7. fowgre Says:

    Titus: I’m all for increased pedestrian/bicycle transportation and whatever we have to do to assist with that, but I also have some questions about the impact that this will have on system efficiency (which includes stress on operators). There already aren’t nearly enough buses on the road, which means that users have to wait far too long before they arrive (especially during evenings, weekends and holidays). How labour/time intensive will loading/unloading bikes from the racks be, and how much will it slow the buses down? What increased pressure will the operators be under trying to adhere to already tight schedules?

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