What the Police Chief Said to CAPS


Police Chief Murray Faulkner appeared before CAPS this week to speak about Project Learn and the problem of rowdy students. Here’s what he said.

Unfortunately, even though the sound system is better in that room than in the others, it requires that people turn on their microphones and pull them close enough and speak into them. It’s hard to believe judging by their behaviour, but that was one of my submissions to the Governance Task Forcel. Maybe they don’t want citizens to know what they’re up to?

Worst offender of all (and one of the most experienced) was Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell who pushed his chair away from the table when he spoke.

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2 Responses to “What the Police Chief Said to CAPS”

  1. Gord Harrison Says:


    I appreciate the continuous efforts you make to question the openness of many in positions of authority and ask for transparency.

    Gord H.

  2. fowgre Says:

    Gord: Mostly, I get a whole lot of grief from the people at City Hall, LPS, LTC, etc. for trying to cover what’s going on. It gets pretty lonely at times. So thanks for the kind word.

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