Bernie’s Potentially Hurtful Proposal


Ward 3 councillor Bernie MacDonald is proposing that London pass a by-law similar to the one in Oshawa which restricts the number of unrelated students who are allowed to live in off-campus housing.

At first blush, this seems to be a good way of reducing student rowdyism.

But, is that true? According to the Police Chief, most of the problem-makers aren’t students. In fact, he suggests that most of them don’t even live here in London!

Another possible consequence (not mentioned by Bernie) is that this kind of by-law might also have a terrible impact upon all of those law-abiding but low-income persons who currently rely upon such accomodation because of London’s woeful lack of assisted housing.


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One Response to “Bernie’s Potentially Hurtful Proposal”

  1. John Leschinski Says:

    Bernie and Orser are two of the biggest whiners when it comes to students. I can’t think of anyone who hates students more then these two old fuddle duddles.

    I’m waiting for the students to catch on and burn effigies of them made of couches and garbage.

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