How About Some Sidewalks?


sidewalk picOnly 4 sidewalks are being proposed for construction this year because of the inadequate current annual budget of only $200,000.

London recently got $5.8 million from the $400 million provincial allocation for municipal infrastructure. Despite his undertaking to me to look into my pedestrian safety concerns about the ward that he was elected to represent, Roger Caranci rose at a subsequent Council meeting and argued in favour of putting all of it towards roads. And that’s what happened. Drivers got catered to, pedestrians got squat.

The city is currently sitting on an additional +$33M for transportation-related projects.

Will pedestrians get any of the gravy this time?


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9 Responses to “How About Some Sidewalks?”

  1. John Leschinski Says:

    Isn’t their a sidewalk on the other side of the road in that picture?

  2. Jesse Says:

    FOUR sidewalks. That’s disgraceful.

    We decided to stay living in White Oaks because luckily, there are lots of sidewalks. In other areas of the city we looked at, several houses were rejected because there were none and I’d’ve had to walk to school on the road. Can’t these councillors see that sidewalks lead to better neighbourhoods?

    I think there’s a bicycle path on Bradley. I’m assuming that’s what the line down the side of the road indicates. I’d never use it though because the cars drive on it too. It would be nice to have wide sidewalks that are divided, half for pedestrians, half for bicycles, like they do in Holland.

    All that money. What a waste.

  3. fowgre Says:


    There is. Now, what’s your point, exactly?

    Automobiles can go north-south on Adelaide Street. Does that mean that they shouldn’t be able to go north-south on Wellington?

    Again, let me remind everybody…

    Walking is a natural right. Driving is only a privilege.

  4. John Leschinski Says:

    That makes no sense Greg, you can go east or west on Commisioners. Nothing is stopping people from travling that way via the sidewalk in place.

  5. fowgre Says:


    Perhaps I misinterpreted your previous response. Were you suggesting that there’s no validity for wanting a sidewalk on the south side of Commisioners between Wellington and Adelaide simply because there’s one on the north side?

  6. Phronk Says:

    Yeah a sidewalk on the north side doesn’t do much good to the people who are, you know, on the south side. 🙂

  7. Erica Says:

    IMO a *consistent* sidewalk is badly needed on the south side Windemere, especially between the rear entrance of Windemere on the Mount (Seniors residence) and St Josephs (can’t remember full name – retirement home for nuns). There is no place to safely cross Windemere in this area. Also, there is a bus stop that I often see families with strollers waiting at, having to stand on the grass (iirc).
    Moving to the east end of Windemere, a sidewalk would definitely improve the safety of anyone along the soccer fields – many kids in the summer.

  8. John Leschinski Says:

    Yes. The sidewalk is 30 feet away at best.

  9. Phronk Says:

    I agree about Windermere too. There’s a sort of dirt sidewalk there, but that doesn’t work for anyone on wheels, and it’s not cleared in the winter.

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