Location of LTC Bus Stops


fowgre avatarSpotted in the 2008/09/08 CAPS agenda, in a letter to the committee from LTC: “The best service for transit, particularly transferring passengers, is to locate stops as close to the intersection as possible.01

That being the case, it’d be nice to know why the bus stops for the #16 Wellington northbound are located so far away from the intersection? It’s been my personal experience that the distance of those stops from the intersection (coupled with the scheduling which has the Wellington northbound and the Baseline westbound typically arrive at the same time) contributes to many failed transfer attempts.

Then there’s the slightly different kind of situation like the one that exists at Commissioners/Deveron (in front of the library & fire station). Instead of a single bus stop, they decided to have two separate ones. So if you happen to get off a bus at one and want to transfer to a bus at the other, and if those two buses both happen to arrive at the same time… If you’re a regular LTC user you know what happens… the bus you want to transfer to takes off before you can get to it.

01. 2008/09/08 – City London: CAPS Agenda item #2


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