Harper, Dion visit London.


Today Stephan Dion made a campaign stop in London to announce $1.2 billion in promises for post-secondary grants, loans and research cash.

The announcement aims to ease access to post-secondary education with education grants that would be delivered four times a year, bursaries of up to $3,500 per year, a $5,000 student loan regardless of parental income; and guaranteeing a lower interest rate for student loans while extending the grace period on repayment to two years, interest-free. He also promised increased support of university-based research and extend tax credits to the private sector for research.

“Support for learning has been a long-standing Liberal value and under a new Liberal government we will make the investments in the post-secondary education and research needed to ensure Canada can compete in the 21st century,” said Mr. Dion.

Earlier this week Steven Harper prommised Ottawa will make “prudent” investments to boost the economy of Southwestern Ontario, noting the millions his government has earmearked for the regions infrastructure, University, and manufacturing industry. He also warned the region would be adversly effected if Dion were to be elected and implients their proposed carbon tax proposal.

Video of the event at Deys.ca

At the time of this article being writen the NDP nore the Green Party have announced stops in London, although a staffer at Irene Mathyssen’s (London-Fanshaw) office said he would be stoping here at some point durring the campaign.


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