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For those of you who are looking for something to do this coming weekend in London, Ontario I have a couple of suggestions that I think you will like.

LOLA Fest.

London Ontario Live Arts Festival (LOLA) is taking place this weekend from Thursday the 18th until Saturday the 21st. LOLA has been happening for a number of years now and it provides a stage (many stages in fact) for both musical and visual art acts to get exposure in London, Ontario.

Attending some of last years events gave me the opportunity to be introduced to a number of new independent and Canadian acts that I would never have heard of otherwise, and this year I hope to have the same experience.

Using Victoria Park as the main stage there are a number of different venues throughout the downtown core where both the musical and visual art performances/displays can b seen. For a full listing of the events and locations please check out the LOLA-fest website where there is a map outlining the details.

Personally I hope to check out some of the visual arts exhibits as I did not have the opportunity to do so last year and of course I will be checking out some of the live music as well.

Doors Open London

Have you ever wanted to check out the inside of one of the memorable buildings in London, to see what’s inside and to learn its history but have never had the opportunity to do so? If so that feeling of longing can be fulfilled this weekend with the annual Doors Open London event.

Part of a much larger Provincial program, Doors Open London offers those that live in the city (and visitors alike) to visit many historically significant buildings, museums and other locations in London completely free of charge.

Locations stretch all across the city and include places such as: One London Place, London Transit, Fanshawe Pioneer Village, The Secrets of Radar Museum, just to name a few. As I mentioned all of these “venues” are offering free admission (which many do throughout the year as well) and the LTC even has a discounted bus rate for this weekend.

Lost Soul Stroll

This event, held in conjunction with the above mentioned Doors Open offers a combination of physical exercise (walking), theatre and local history. Running Thursday-Saturday nights in October, this walking theatre show offers those who attend a delightful opportunity to experience the city, learn of some local history and have a laugh or two while in the process.

I have been on this Stroll the past couple of years and I already have my tickets for this year. With an affordable price tag ($20) this offers people of all ages good entertainment in a non-formal setting.

I urge those of you who have never experienced it before, or those of you (like myself) who denounce the theatre to check this out; I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.

Tickets for the Lost Soul Stroll are available at London Fringe (the website states that they are being sold at The Grand Theatre but this has been changed)


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3 Responses to “Weekend Events”

  1. Lost Soul Stroll Says:

    The Lost Soul Stroll has its own website, with a link to online ticket sales.

  2. Lost Soul Stroll Says:

    The Lost Soul Stroll no longer falls under the umbrella of Doors Open. It is an independent production this year, with administrative functions being handled by the London Fringe.

  3. KVL Says:

    Lost Soul Stroll:

    Thank you for this provided information. At the time of the writing of this article I was not aware of the changes in administration

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