Next Week’s ETC Meeting


I’ll continue to add commentary about items of interest to me as time permits. For full details about agenda contents, interested persons should log on to the city website and review what’s available there for themselves.

4:00 PM ETC(08)
Appeal of an order to muzzle a dog that bit an 80 y.o. man and his own dog.

4:30 PM? ETC(01)
Consent Item: TAC report #8. (1) Although TAC’s report notes that the committee received a copy of the City of Toronto Pedestrian Charter from A. Cook it neglects to mention that the committee only requested a copy of that document after a delegation by Greg Fowler; (2) TAC has “requested notification as to when the proposed Urban Design Program policies relating to pedestrian activity are being developed;” (3) a communication received from D. Szoller has been forwarded to staff but only describes it as “a new resource on active transportation” nor is it attached to the online agenda; (4) TAC comments about the Sifton Properties background study re Riverbend South Area/Subdivision Plan includes a recommendation that “roundabouts should not incorporate private driveways;” (5) identification of recent TAC appointments but no mention about Greg Fowler’s criticism of the secretive selection process that was employed.

4:30 PM? ETC(02)
Consent Item: Lead mitigation program & lead testing. “By adhering to a target of 500 lead service replacements per year, all lead services in London can be replaced within 18 years.” The pH of London’s treated drinking water is being raised in order to “reduce lead uptake” and is now in excess of 8.0 but “the long term impact of these changes will be determined through future testing.”

4:30 PM? ETC(03)
Consent Item: Traffic signal warrants re Highbury/Killarney Notwithstanding the refusal of city staff to consider traffic signals for the dangerous Commissioners/King Edward intersection as requested by Greg Fowler simply because it doesn’t meet the traffic volume criteria, staff are recommending that work proceed at this location even though it “does not yet meet signal warrants based on a recent traffic count.”

4:30 PM? ETC(04)
Consent Item: amendments to the traffic & parking by-law. Construction of Queens Ave. between Quebec Street and Elizabeth Street is now complete which reduces “the roadway to a single lane of one-way westbound traffic with the inclusion of a bicycle lane and on-street parking…to reduce the speeding.”

4:30 PM? ETC(05)
Consent Item: update re cat care program. Feral cats (that “live wild and are generally fearful of humans and avoid human
contact… roam free and reproduce at will… are a growing concern in the city”
“There are no estimates on the number of feral or stray cats in London In London, feral cats that are caught by citizens “must now be delivered to the shelter by the public” (in order to reduce the London Animal Care Centre workload) and “the majority…are euthanized.” The city will spend $7,750 – $17,000 (est) on development of a Feral Cat Management Plan (click link to read more).

4:40 PM? ETC(09)
ACE: 7th report. (1) the committee recommends that the 2009 Special Events Policies and Procedures Manual “incorporate the restriction of Rib Festival vendors plumbing grease and waste water directly into the City’s storm or sanitary sewers;” (2) this committee has an operating budget of only $1,000; (3) a document was received from the Council of Canadians re naturalization of London boulevards and forwarded to staff but no copy was attached to the online agenda; (4) the committee received a communication about “the enhancement of environmental profiles” from C. Morningstar but no copy was attached to the online agenda; (5) ACE will pay the expenses for D. Szoller and one other ACE member to attend an Oshawa event next month.

Delegation by Dir. Roads & Transport. (verbal) Ontario Good Roads Association.

7:00 PM ETC(07)
Public Participation Meeting. Update on the province’s proposed ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides; proposed city by-law amendment.

8:00 PM? ETC(06)
Delegation by New St. James Presbyterian Church. Request to waive the 2-hour parking limit around the church.


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