Next Week’s Planning Cte Meeting


I’ll continue to add commentary about items of interest to me as time permits. For full details about agenda contents, interested persons should log on to the city website and review what’s available there for themselves.

4:00 PM? Planning(01)
Development on the South Side of Legendary Drive. The Legend Development Ltd. subdivision comprises a 20 hectare (50 acre) parcel of land located on the south side of Wharncliffe Road S, south of Southdale Road E and north of the Bradley Avenue extension. Phase 1 of the plan of subdivision was registered on May 2, 2005; Phase 2 was registered on September 5, 2007; Phase 3A was registered on September 20, 2007; Phase 2A was registered on July 28, 2008; Phase 3 and Phase 4 are currently being worked on and further approvals/conditions are being sought.

4:00 PM? Planning(02)
Response to 2008/03/03 Council Resolution/Modifications to OPA438. As a result of the Five Year Review of the Official Plan, Council adopted amendment OPA 438 on 2008/03/03. This is a lengthly/complex report back to Planning Committee about certain items raised at that Council meeting.

4:00 PM? Planning(03)
SAB Realty Ltd. – properties located at 655 and 665 Fanshawe Park Road West.

4:00 PM? Planning(04)
Candidate Approval for the Urban Design Peer Review Panel.

4:00 PM? Planning(05)
Appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board re West Woodfield Heritage Conservation District.

4:00 PM? Planning(06)
Fees for By-law Inspection Services.

4:00 PM? Planning(07)
Inspections By-law.

4:10 PM? Planning(08)
10th Report of the London Advisory Committee on Heritage.

4:15 PM? Planning(09a)
Special Provisions – Sifton
Properties Limited – Andover Trails, Phase 2;

4:15 PM? Planning(09b)
Special Provisions – Sifton Properties Limited – Andover Trails, Phase 2.

4:30 PM? Planning(10)
Compassion Canada – property located at 920 Wilton Grove Road.

4:30 PM? Planning(11)
Goldcrest Properties Inc. – property located at 1455 Trafalgar Street.

4:30 PM? Planning(12)
Versteegh Bros. Ltd. –
property located at 792 Southdale Road West.
Application for Demolition Permit.

4:35 PM? Planning(13)
Western Fair Association – property located at 900 King Street.

4:40 PM? Planning(14)
Sanskriti Furniture – property located at 761 Fanshawe Park Road West.

7:00 PM? Planning(15)
Sifton Properties Limited – Block 1, Plan 33M-405 (Also Known as 34 Debbie Lane).

7:00 PM? Planning(17)
Sifton Properties Limited – property located at 34 Debbie Lane – Site Plan.

7:15 PM? Planning(18)
Ali Soufan (1640209 Ontario Ltd.) – property located at 1959 Wharncliffe Road South

7:30 PM? Planning(19)
Woodlot and Tree Preservation -Van Horik Property – property located at 930 Gainsborough Road.

8:00 PM? Planning(16)
Official Plan Amendment 438 – 2006 Official Plan Review Policies for Specific Areas, Block 1, Plan 33M-405.

8:00 PM? Planning(20)
Sifton Properties Ltd. –
property located at 1270 Sunningdale Road East.
Application for Demolition Permit.

8:00 PM? Planning(21)
University of Western
Ontario – property located at 1493 Richmond Street.
Application for Demolition Permit.

8:00 PM? Planning(22)
M. Hussein – property located at 1796 Adelaide Street North. Application for Demolition Permit.

8:00 PM? Planning(23)
B. Dhinsa – property located at 1949 Fanshawe Park Road West. Application for Demolition Permit.

8:00 PM? Planning(24)
P. Queen – property located at 1755 Fanshawe Park Road East. Application for Demolition Permit.


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