London’s ODSP LTC Users


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Yesterday’s CAPS Committee received a +1,000 name petition and heard a verbal delegation about Public Transportation Funding to ODSP Recipients.

Councillor Armstrong did most of the questioning, although most of it couldn’t be heard by me. Why do committee members make such little effort to use their microphones properly? I continue to speculate if it’s a deliberate tactic so that the public can’t be informed?

Although credit must be given to Councillor Winninger for asking whether there ought to be universality instead of a hodgepodge of municipal subsidies, there appeared to be an embarrassing lack of interest by the so-called ‘progressive’ Council members. Quite notably, none of them drew attention to the fact that there’s no such subsidy in London at all.

Nobody mentioned the LTC fare increase proposal. And they certainly didn’t mention how London LTC users already pay a much higher proportion in fares than do users in other Ontario cities (something that they’ve been told by the LTC’S GM repeatedly).

Nobody mentioned the Health Unit report about the huge inflationary increase of food during the past year and has been such a burden for people on ODSP and other fixed incomes.

Given how well they’re paid for their part-time gig, I think they’re all just too completely out of touch with London’s most vulnerable.

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