2008/10/06 CAPS Meeting


I’ll continue to add commentary about items of interest to me as time permits. For full details about agenda contents, interested persons should log on to the city website and review what’s available there for themselves.

5:00 PM CAPS(01)
Consent Item: 2008/10 Dearness Home Community Newsletter.

5:00 PM? CAPS(02)
Consent Item: CSCPAC Report.

5:00 PM? CAPS(03)
Consent Item: LDRRAC Report.

5:00 PM? CAPS(04)
Consent Item: Council resolution re Advertising in Public Parks.

5:00 PM? CAPS(05)
Consent Item: Options for Future Dearness Home Operation.

5:00 PM? CAPS(06)
Consent Item: Defibrillators in Recreation Faciliiies.

5:00 PM? CAPS(07)
Consent Item: Facility Rental Contracts.

5:00 PM? CAPS(08)
Consent Item: Downtown Monitored Surveillance Camera Program.

5:00 PM? CAPS(09)
Consent Item: Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.

5:00 PM? CAPS(10)
Consent Item: Street to Home Model.

5:10 PM? CAPS(11)
Item for Direction: Clarence Point Park. .

5:25 PM? CAPS(13)
Item for Direction: Child and Youth Agenda. .

7:00 PM? CAPS(14)
AAC 8th Report. .

7:00 PM? CAPS(15)
CCAC 4th Report. .

7:00 PM? CAPS(12)
Request for New Dog Park. .

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