2008/10/06 Planning Meeting


I’ll continue to add commentary about items of interest to me as time permits. For full details about agenda contents, interested persons should log on to the city website and review what’s available there for themselves.

4:00 PM Planning(01)
Consent Item: “Potential for additional tree conservation through Site Plan Approval.”

4:00 PM? Planning(02)
Consent Item: The placement of signage for fire routes.

4:00 PM? Planning(03)
Consent Item: DNL Group’s appeal to the OMB

4:00 PM? Planning(04)
Consent Item: Heritage alteration application re 512 Colborne Street.

4:00 PM? Planning(05)
Consent Item: Integration of lands acquired at 544 Riverside Drive into McKillop Park.

4:00 PM? Planning(06)
Consent Item: Status report re Keep London Growing Coalition (KLGC).

4:00 PM? Planning(07)
Consent Item: Reduced fees when applying for building permits online.

4:00 PM? Planning(08)
Consent Item: Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee (EEPAC) 9th report.

4:00 PM? Planning(09)
Consent Item: Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) 4th report.

4:00 PM? Planning(10)
Consent Item: 2008/08 building construction.

4:00 PM? Planning(11)
Consent Item: London cannot control demolition of Middleton House.

4:30 PM? Planning(12)
Public Participation Meeting: Zoning change re 2034 Hyde Park Road and 1446 Fanshawe Park Road West.

4:30 PM? Planning(13)
Report: variance from Sign and Canopy By-law re 1350 Trafalgar Street.

4:30 PM? Planning(14)
Report: variance from Sign and Canopy By-law re 500 Springbank Drive.

4:50 PM? Planning(15)
Public Participation Meeting: Long-term plan re Veterans Memorial Parkway.

7:00 PM? Planning(16)
Public Participation Meeting: Leachate Pre-treatmentlHauled Liquid Waste Facility at 3438 Manning Drive.

7:30 PM? Planning(17)
Public Participation Meeting: Springbank Park road closure.

8:00 PM? Planning(18)
Application for Demolition Permit: vacant building at 544 Riverside Drive.


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