A New Downtown Surveillance Camera


According to the annual evaluation report of the Downtown Monitored Surveillance Camera Program, a decision has been made to install a camera “near the intersection of Richmond and Kent Streets.” The area is identified by LPS as “one of highest for calls for service in the downtown area.”

The 16 current cameras cost $136,000 to operate in 2007. They are monitored “from approximately 9pm to 5am daily and as staff are available during the off times.”

According to a London Police Services analysis, “crime rate in the area covered by the cameras was 14% lower in 2007 compared to 2006” whereas “the area neighbouring the camera coverage showed a 2% increase in incidents from 2006.”

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3 Responses to “A New Downtown Surveillance Camera”

  1. KVL Says:

    Although I would guess the Police service, or business owner wont admit it I would place my money that this is one of the intersections with the highest number of calls because of the bar Jacks.

    Perhaps a security camera isnt the answer but some other form of prevention

  2. John Leschinski Says:

    Maybe a Riot squad?

  3. Phronk Says:

    Yeah, why not just come out and say it: “We installed it because a lot of drunk assholes come out of Jacks.”

    There’s always gonna be at least one bar like that. The people from the Phoenix had to go somewhere.

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