London is too Prudish


Before the “Everything to do with Sex Show” even finished on Sunday, London’s busy bodies were trying to shut it down, and now the return of the show next year is in doubt.

Kelly Garland, owner of Libido on Talbot St, was quoted as saying London was ready for this kind of event and that the conservative stereotype was exaggerated, but it seems she didn’t count on Megan Walker overreacting. Without any first hand knowledge she decided she would call the police to investigate the trade show based on dubious complaints of women being abused and self appointed expertise that the seminars teaching questionable lessons.

I wasn’t surprised to learn Walker was the NDP candidate that placed 4th in London North Center a few years back, considering fellow NDP Irene Mathyssen of London-Fanshaw who openly questioned MP James Moore’s integrity saying he “disrespected women” when she was looking over his shoulder at his computer screen when he was looking at images of a scantily clad woman who turned out, much to Mathyssen’s embarrassment, to be his girlfriend at the time.

Even the City of London is trying to tell you what is acceptable sexual entertainment by taxing strip clubs out of existence. Strip club licences have jumped from $1,465 in 2001 to $4,500 in 2005 and this year was raised to $7,500. A $12,000 penalty for being in the adult entertainment business over the last 3 years that city hall, when asked for a justification, is scrambling to find a legitimate reason for the increase.

Unfortunately for the adult oriented trade show, they chose London as their first venue outside of Toronto which in it’s eighth year is billed as “Canada’s Best Adult Consumer and Trade Show”, and attracts 150 vendors, and over 50,000 visitors filling the Automotive Centre, Exhibition Place in Toronto.

“We think people in London are under-serviced in the romance market and we want to show people what is new out there,” said Mikey Singer, manager of show. “It’s not a porn convention. We try to promote better quality in the bedroom.”

I myself attended the trade show with my partner and were both a bit underwhelmed. For an adult trade show and in comparison to the Toronto version it was very tame. But I did not hear anything or see anything that would have warranted a call to the police, even the nipples were covered regardless of it being legal to go topless in Ontario.

Despite the informative seminars, educational demonstrations, fun contests and interesting vendors (not just the adult kind either), it seems London isn’t ready to be a place where adult fun isn’t taboo. Maybe the City should stop blaming Western for not keeping graduates in London and look at it’s own policies on entertainment in the city. Not everyone is an insurance agent.


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2 Responses to “London is too Prudish”

  1. Erica Says:

    Libido will only be on Talbot until Monday – they’re closing. Consider London even more under-served.

  2. John Leschinski Says:

    Ya, I spoke with her at the trade show. Apparently it wasn’t making enough to continue operation, which is unfortunate becuase it was one of the few good stores downtown.

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