Lost Soul Stroll


I had the opportunity two weekends ago to attend this year’s production of the Lost Soul Stroll.  For those of you who aren’t aware of what the Lost Stroll consists of I suggest you take a look at either my previous post titled  Weekend Events or the official Lost Soul Stroll website.

Having attended the last couple years of the Stroll I was eagerly awaiting this year’s installment and when it was all said and done I was not disappointed one bit.

This year’s production saw the return of a number of memorable characters and the introduction of others that added interesting new story lines and conversations to all portions of the Stroll.

The new departure point, route, characters and stories all helped to keep things fresh for those who have attended the Stroll before while at the same time keeping those new to the audience entertained with an evening full of stories and “adventures”.

As I have said before I would urge anyone looking for an “alternative” form of theatre and entertainment to consider attending one of the shows being offered throughout the month of October.  This is an event that in my honest opinion has the ability to provide entertainment to those from all walks of life and is something that I think all in the City of London would enjoy.

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