What Would a PR Result Look Like?


This is what the ‘first past the post’ result currently looks like, and for comparison, if they were awarded seats based upon the ‘proportional representation’ percentage of the popular vote that they received:

Conservatives 5205334 37.630 144 116
Liberals 3629990 26.242 77 81
BQ 1379565 9.973 48 31
NDP 2517075 18.196 37 56
Green 940747 6.801 0 21

I can wish, can’t I?


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2 Responses to “What Would a PR Result Look Like?”

  1. nitemayr Says:

    I came back to Canada last year when Proportional Representation was being discussed in earnest on the CBC, but I’m still fuzzy on how one would elect a candidate that one “likes”. Does the Party decide who gets to be an MP after the vote? Do the electors vote for the candidate?

    I know I can just look up the answers to these questions; I’m just floating them out there.

  2. fowgre Says:

    I haven’t looked at it a whole lot either, but I don’t think that there’s a single way to implement it. The example that I just provided is the extreme, for purpose of contrast, but I don’t think that we could implement it that way here in Canada. People like to have control over who their local rep is. Giving some discretion to the parties might be acceptable, so long as it desn’t take away that local control. If I recall correctly, what’s been previously suggested is doing things the way that they are now but to also add some extra seats that would be awarded to the parties based on the popular vote that they get. One thing is pretty obvious, and that’s the shortcoming of the current way. If you consider that the NDP got twice the popular vote that the Bloc did but 11 fewer seats, it’s obvious that the result doesn’t reflect the intent of the electorate. You might want to consider an inquiry to Margaret Hoff (margaretmaeATsympaticoDOTca) if you’re really interested in PR.

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