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Do you know that many of today’s conventional plastic products are made from petroleum products including oil? Consistent with my public view on automobile use, I think that accurate pricing for oil should reflect it’s full costs (development, production, transportation, disposal, etc). If oil was $100 or $200 a barrel the economy would shift quickly to finding alternatives.

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As one of the platforms for my 2006 London Municipal Campaign (and before anybody else in this community woke up to the issue) I proposed the adoption of a PlasTax (a tax on plastic bags) as a precursor towards a total ban, and I provided a list of links for people wishing further information about the topic. Now that the election campaign has ended, I’ve created this page in order to update the list of links as I become aware of additional information. I hope that you find it helpful.

EcoBags: Index of articles
Instruments for Change: Plastic Bag Tax
Marine Conservation Society: Plastic Bags
MyOwnBag: Bags by the Numbers Index
Roots & Shoots: Reusable bag campaign
SavingOurPlanet Blog
2001/08/01 – TheRegister: Coming Soon, the Plastic Bag Tax
2002/08/22 – Food Production Daily: Irish plastic bag tax a winner
2002/11/15 – Post-Courier: PNG declares war on plastic bags
2003/03/27 – ABC Australia: No bags, thanks!
2003/05/13 – PFFC: Industry Responds to California Plastic Bag Tax
2003/10/23 – EyeNet: Tax the sacks, Dalton
2004/07/05 – SavingOurPlanet: What are we doing to our world?
2004/07/19 – SavingOurPlanet: 90% of Hong Kong people support bag tax
2004/07/23 – SavingOurPlanet: No wonder the Japanese succeed at everything
2004/07/26 – SavingOurPlanet: Scotland will tax plastic bags
2004/11/01 – GreenConsumerGuide: B&Q brings in plastic bag tax
2004/11/27 – The Standard: Greens step up fight for plastic bag tax
2005/01/27 – TreeHugger: Shopping Bag Tax for San Francisco?
2005/02/02 – BeyondChron: Plastic Bag Tax, Full Speed Ahead
2005/07/14 – Gothamist: Papa Got An Old Used Bag
2005/09/13 – HeadHeritage: Got a Brand New Bag
2005/10/08 – FoxNews: Proposed Tax on Plastic Bags Aims to Cut Litter
2006/01/11 – Marion Smith: Plastic Bag Tax a Must
2006/05/21 – TimesOnline: Plastic bag tax goes up by 25% …
2006/06/ – Independent Voice: It’s in the Bag
2006/06/01 – OneDay: Plastic Bag Tax motion from North Vancouver
2006/06/19 – ChinaView: Revving up the fight against plastic bag usage
2006/07/ – RSC: Need a carrier bag?
2006/08/02 – Regina Leader-Post: Industry attacks plastic bag tax
2007/02/10 – Sunday Herald: Saving the Planet, It’s in the Bag
2007/03/28 – San Francisco to ban plastic grocery bags
2007/05/05 – EcoGeek: Better Bio Bags
2007/05/06 – EtsyLabs: Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial
2007/06/30 – BBC: Why Uganda hates the plastic bag
2007/07/24 – NYTimes: Pressure Builds to Ban Plastic Bags in Stores
2007/09/08 – Ottawa Citizen: Discarded plastic bags etc. threaten marine life
2007/10/30 – EcoStreet: Uganda’s Plastic Bag Problem
2007/11/06 – Slate: Paper, or Plastic, or Neither
2007/11/19 – SF Chronicle: …plastic bags illegal at big S.F. grocery stores
2007/11/21 – Tyee: Earth’s Eighth Continent
2007/12 – CLMV: Garbage bag debate: Biodegradable, compostable…
2007/12/03 – Spec: Will city say bye-bye to plastic bags?
2007/12/04 – Spec: Plastic bag ban shelved for now
2007/12/04 – Spec: Time to talk of plastic bag ban
2007/12/04 – Spec: Think about plastics
2007/12/05 – 900CHML: A Brand New Bag (audio)
2007/12/20 – Toronto Sun: Just say ‘no’ to all those plastic bags
2007/12/29 – Spec: City firm banking on plastic bags that decay
2007/12/29 – Globe & Mail: Go biodegradable in green bins…
2008/01/04 – Montreal Gazette: Plastic bag ban begins in Huntingdon
2008/01/08 – Toronto Star: No plastic bag ban for Ontario
2008/01/09 – Toronto Star: Why Toronto trails China on bag ban
2008/01/10 – National Post: China wants to end dependence…
2008/01/10 – ABC Australia: Garrett calls time on plastic bags
2008/01/15 – Toronto Star: Earth eats up BioBags
2008/02/05 – The Independent: The world’s rubbish dump
2008/02/11 – Globe & Mail: The time has come to kill all the plastic bags
2008/04/24 – AMP: Reduce Your Plastic Bag Use

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