Letter to Timmie – 2008/06/81

Manager, Tim Hortons
915 Commissioners Rd. E.
London, Ont; N5Z 3H9

January 12, 2008

Please be advised that I’ve ‘released’ a number of books in your establishment over the past several months:

Other Links:

Why is that a good thing?

Besides the obvious goodwill that is generated when somebody discovers a free book, BookCrossers (members of the http://www.bookcrossing.com club) who use the club website’s Go Hunting feature will come to your place of business just to look for the published releases. Added bonus: I have a personal blog (https://frommybottomstep.wordpress.com) and announce my personal book releases there also. Bottom line… businesses where books are released typically see an increase in traffic.

Want to really benefit? Generate even more traffic?

Promote the fact that your establishment is BookCrossing-friendly and become an Official BookCrossing Zone (see attached poster)!

This shouldn’t be as hard as it may sound, since London currently has 709 BookCrossers (and more every month…
see: /2007/12/30/ontario-bookcrossing-leader-board-200712/. And might I suggest that if you agree to become an OBCZ it’s likely that many local BookCrossers will become new customers of yours?

As a founding member of the Glen Cairn & Pond Mills Community Association, I believe that this sort of activity aids in building stronger neighbourhoods. Which is why, in return for your cooperation, I’d be willing to create and manage the OBCZ for you on a volunteer basis (ie. FOR FREE)!

If you think that you might be interested and would like to meet in order to discuss the possibility further, simply email or telephone to arrange a time that’s mutually convenient. On the other hand, if you’re not interested in pursuing the idea at this time, a reply would still be much appreciated.


Greg Fowler
962 Eagle Crescent
London, Ont; N5Z 3H7
email: fowgreATyahooDOTca
phone: 519-649-0500


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