From: “Stanford, Jay”
To: fowgre@yahoo.ca
Cc: “Lysynski, Heather” ; “Usher, Harold” ; “Caranci, Roger”
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007 3:50:51 PM
Subject: RE: Regulation of Obstructive Landscaping

Hi Mr. Fowler

Heather Lysynski brought your email to my attention. Rather than wait until this item arrives on the ETC Agenda , I wanted to make sure that you had the necessary details to reach us. Also , to help clarify , I have been personally contacted by Councillor Caranci and Councillor Miller on a number of occasions regarding situations in their Wards regarding Commissioners Road East and local walkways. These items are entered into our maintenance tracking system. For example , in 2007 we have a number of concerns entered for walkway/sidewalk maintenance. Some concerns may even be direct dispatched if we know that there is a crew in a certain area.

We are grateful when these maintenance concerns are brought to our attention so they can be entered for appropriate action. This same system serves the entire City and , as you can imagine , workload and activity is distributed across the City. Your submissions are particularly useful as they often contain pictures which can be helpful. A recall seeing a number of the photographs that you just sent again.

Unlike snow plowing and street maintenance which is governed by Provincial Government Minimum Maintenance Standards , there are no operating standards for the removal of landscaping materials alongside sidewalks and walkways. The City does have jurisdiction to trim back private landscape materials if the material encroaches the right-of-way (ROW).

The goal is to clean all City walkways once per year. Vegetation in any given year will change in a walkway and in some cases poses a problem and in others it is not a problem. If we clean a walkway in the spring , for example , we will not likely return in the same year unless a problem is reported to us. When this occurs , an inspection will take place and a determination of appropriate action is assigned keeping in mind that our goal is to be as consistent as possible across the City. In other words , we are often faced with balancing expectations of how someone would maintain their personal property versus how we maintain the vast amount of public property that we are assigned the role of custodian. That is a challenge on its own. We are extremely cognizant of our assigned budget (i.e. tax dollars). For example , a lot of work is delayed until a certain amount of work is required in an area of the City. This is how we wisely use our resources. However , if after an inspection , a hazard is determined action is taken much quicker. This too is balanced based on other immediate requirements.

The above process works very well. We receive maintenance calls and e-mails from all over the City and the same approach is used to handle all of our districts.

Between 8:30 and 4:30 , please contact 519-661-4570. We have a number of staff ready to receive your details. If you prefer e-mail , please send to es@london.ca any time of day or night.

The Division Manager directly responsible for transportation and roadside maintenance is John Parsons. He uses the output of the computerized maintenance tracking system to assist with workload analysis and annual planning.

I hope this information has answered all your questions and you have a better understanding of how our system works.

regards. . . . .

Jay Stanford
Jay Stanford , M.A. , M.P.A. , Division Manager
Environmental Programs & Customer Relations
Environmental & Engineering Services Department
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London , Ontario N6A 4L9

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