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This is a community activist’s online, independent, local source of news about London, Ontario. And beyond. And about other things. With some opinion thrown in. Actually, quite a bit of opinion.

Often, there’s Up To The Minute news stories to be found (also known as Breaking News). But I’m not pretentious about it, the way that so many other sites are. I don’t hold this site up to be #1. I don’t crow about ‘scooping the competition’ (even though I often do). Frankly, I think that many of those other sites care too much about the paid-ads revenue they’re trying to generate.

I just go about doing my thing, day after day, trying to inform my readers and hopefully influence them into doing some critical thinking about issues that matter.

The type of content to be found here, doesn’t define it as a blog. And although most blogs tend to have a similar form, that isn’t really important either. What counts, is the fact that it’s my perspective. I allow comments, because I’m interested in what you think. I’ll consider alternate points of view, with an open mind, and sometimes I may even be influenced by them to change my own. But that will be my decision. I won’t be bullied by them. I won’t be ‘directed’ by them. And I sure as hell won’t do any group-think ass-kissing to conform with what somebody else considers to be politically-acceptable.

Be advised that this is a new site for me (Feb. 2007). Many of the posts which you see here were manually copied over from a previous site. Also, many of the posts from that site have not yet made it to here. They will be eventually, but that too will take some time.

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