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Quebec’s Bill 42

April 28, 2008

Not so nice a day to go walking today, but that presents an opportunity to do some catching up. Let’s have a look at Quebec’s Bill 42, which I previously posted about HERE.

The National Assembly adopted the bill 2007/12/21 thanks to Parti Quebecois support, and it became law 2008/04/01.

Although the Quebec Liberal Party “posted a video on its website criticizing the opposition PQ and the Action democratique du Quebec for blocking a proposal to lower the tolerated level of alcohol for drivers in Quebec to 0.05 per cent,” 01 the measures that it does contain are commendable.

BTW, that clause in the road safety legislation that would have lowered the legal blood level limit to 0.05 per cent was withdrawn after the Action Démocratique du Québec and Parti Québécois both refused to support that proposal. 02

Quebec beomes the first province to mandate the use of snow tires on all personal vehicles, taxis and rental cars. “This measure [which begins 2008/11/15] along with the provincial government’s renewed co-operation with Montreal municipalities to lower speed limits on residential streets, represents an attempt to make Quebec drivers more accountable and roads safer.” 03

There is a ban on hand-held cell phones, and that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, as one blogger has noted, it “totally misses the point by not including text messaging devices. If holding and talking on the phone is a distraction and a cause of accident, reading or writing a text message is even more. In other words, if your Blackberry is not used as a phone, you can read or write message while going off the road or rear ending another vehicle.” 04

“According to the official transcripts of the debates of the National Assembly, the rationale behind the ban is that when a driver uses a cell phone while operating a vehicle, he is 30% more likely to be implicated in a crash. The penalty for those who get caught is rather stiff: a $80-100 fine plus 3 demerit points on the driver’s record.” 05

The bill makes driver’s education mandatory for all applicants who wish to obtain a license for passenger vehicles and motorcycles. 05

The legislation will also restrict car advertising that depicts fast, unsafe driving. 02

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LBEA Takes Flight

January 15, 2008

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The London Bar and Entertainment Association (LBEA) is the recent creation of 19 local watering holes who want to improve safety and enforcement measures, share information, work closely with London Police and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, etc.

2008/01/14 – Interrobang: Downtown bars take matters into their own hands
2008/01/15 – Gazette: Ensuring bar safety a good idea
2008/01/17 – LFP: Bar owners band against violence

Molson Promo Dissed

November 28, 2007

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It appears that Molson Canada felt compelled to end it’s ‘Campus Challenge‘ contest early, following criticism from the university community that it promoted the abusive use of alcohol. Post-secondary students were enticed to upload their pictures from campus parties, with top honour going to the university which simply had the most submissions.

Given recent media reports about obnoxious Fanshawe student behaviour, it’s a timely reminder that not all students are created equal.

Or corporations either it seems.

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