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Is Mad-Cow Disease in Canada’s Food Chain?

March 14, 2008

Two Saguenay-region deaths in the past three months have been attributed to CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), which has killed a total of 359 Canadians since 1994. Brain autopsies will be performed in order to determine if the rare variant linked with mad-cow disease was responsible, but results will not be available before May or June. 01



Is Our Water Unsafe?

February 9, 2008

According to an International Joint Commission 400-page study, communities in areas around the Great Lakes have low birth weights, elevated rates of infant mortality and premature births, and elevated death rates from breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer.

Haven’t heard about it before now? Reportedly, that’s because the CDC’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) has been delaying release of the report due to the potentially alarming information contained in it.

When Christopher De Rosa (ATSDR’s 15-years director of toxicology and environmental medicine who oversaw the study) blew the whistle and pressed for it’s release, the agency retaliated by demoting him.

Great Lakes Danger Zones?
Great Lakes Environment and Sustainability Chronology
2008/02/15 – Montreal Gazette: Government buries climate science

Natural Burial Co-Operative

December 20, 2007

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logoNatural burial is an alternative to conventional funerals that may be of interest to you if you wish to minimize the consequence of your passing on the planet.

Prepared without chemical preservatives and enclosed in a simple shroud or a biodegradable casket, the body is returned to the earth to decompose naturally and be recycled into new life.


Snowplow Tragedy

December 16, 2007

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A woman is dead after her car was struck by a snowplow on Highway 401 at Elgin Rd.

According to the OPP, a passing snowplow clipped the eastbound vehicle which was parked beneath an overpass. The woman was standing next to the car at the time, in order to clean the windows. The vehicle spun, trapping her between it and the wall of the overpass.

Even more tragically, two children were in the car and witnessed the incident; they were taken to a hospital to meet with crisis counselors.


Human Population

December 8, 2007

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Although the rate of global human population increase has almost halved since it’s 1963 peak, it’s still a serious concern. Currently, our species continues to increase by almost 204,000 every day.

At the same time, global life expectancy has risen from 46 years (in 1950) to 65 years (in 2005), and even higher in developed countries.

As 3rd-world countries progress economically, limited resources will become more depleted. But worse than that, the ability of the environment to withstand the stress of our consumption may well reach a breaking point.

Click HERE to watch David Bleja‘s great learning simulation.

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“Can I Taser Him?”

November 15, 2007

taser imageIn a radio interview this morning, London’s police chief Murray Faulkner offered a defence of RCMP officers who tasered Robert Dziekanski to death in a Vancouver airport. He suggested that it’s not possible for us to know what happened prior to the video, or what was in the minds of the officers.

Maybe not. But the videotape was broadcast on CBC’s ‘The National‘ this evening. And although it may not tell the whole story, it’s a whole lot more than what we usually have access to when reports of this nature arise. And I’m fairly comfortable saying that the actions of those officers was pretty questionable.

I don’t want to say more than that for now. I intend to watch the video again at least several more times. And I suggest that you see it also (click HERE or HERE), and begin to come to your own conclusion.

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Breathing Earth

November 13, 2007

Check out this real-time simulation. It displays each country’s birth/death rates, as well as carbon dioxide emission levels. Make sure that you observe the cumulative totals in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Did you come to any conclusions?

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Deadly Auto Emissions

November 6, 2007

Toronto’s public health unit has just released a report (Air Pollution Burden of Illness from Traffic in Toronto) which identifies automobile-generated pollutants (carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide) as being responsible for premature human mortality. The report very clearly draws a corelation between a reduction in the number of automobiles on the road and saving human life.


MRSA Superbug

October 16, 2007

According to the U.S. government, a drug-resistant staf superbug called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is now responsible for infections in as many as 90,000 Americans every year. The bacteria can be carried by healthy people, living on their skin or in their noses, and spreads through hospitals, prisons, gyms and locker rooms, and in poor urban neighborhoods. Although drug-resistant staph cases historically only result in mild skin infections, those that enter the bloodstream or destroy flesh and can turn deadly.

2007/09/13: FMBS – Tackling Superbugs
2007/06/11: FMBS – Assassin Bugs in Canada?
2007/10: CDC – Rapid increase of MRSA, Copenhagen
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