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Migratory Birds

October 5, 2008

In the report of it’s 7th meeting, the the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC) advises the Environment and Transportation Committee (ETC) that there is currently “very little signage regarding responsible feeding of geese at the City’s parks” and that it is waiting for a report from the Manager of Parks Operations about “key signage locations, appropriate signage wording and cost estimates for proposed public education signs.”

Interestingly, the report notes that there is an (unidentified) individual who “verbally educates the public on the risks of feeding the birds inappropriate food” and that the City has hired this same individual “to run their dogs on a irregular basis, in geese populated parks, in an effort to discourage congregating of the geese.”

I can’t help but wonder if this job was advertised, and how much it pays?

Typically, this terse report follows information which was brought to an advisory committee in verbal form and not properly captured. In other words, there’s no audio recording of the presentation for interested citizens to listen to.

Perhaps there will be some further disclosure at tomorrow night’s ETC meeting. On the other hand, given the poor manner in which committee members use their microphones, maybe there won’t be.

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2008/10/06 ETC Meeting

October 3, 2008

I’ll continue to add commentary about items of interest to me as time permits. For full details about agenda contents, interested persons should log on to the city website and review what’s available there for themselves.

4:00 PM ETC(07)
Appeal of an order to muzzle a dog.

4:30 PM? ETC(01)
7th Report of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee..

4:30 PM? ETC(02)
Response to Requests to Discontinue Water Fluoridation in London.. A staff report which describes “the fluoridation of the City of London’s drinking water and recent lobbying efforts by citizens and organizations opposed to drinking water fluoridation” and a recommendation by the Middlesex-London Health Unit that no action be taken by the city at this time because of a currently ongoing Health Canada study.

4:30 PM? ETC(03)
PCB Storage Facility Decommissioning Project.. Information requested by the 2008/08/18 City Council meeting. It describes the removal of PCBs and related contaminants and their storage in containment vaults, the permanent decommissioning of the Westinghouse PCB storage site (near Huron Street and Clarke Road), blood testing of interested individuals, public consultation, etc.

4:30 PM? ETC(04)
Removal of Maple Trees@) at 165 Grey Street..

4:40 PM? ETC(05)
Request to Reverse…Traffic Direction….

5:00 PM? ETC(06)
7th Report of the Trees and Forests Advisory Committee..

5:00 PM? ETC(08)
Raising…Awareness About…Plight of Factory Famed Animals… A letter from Humane Society International (Canada) asking that London adopt a “non-binding, no fiscal impact” resolution (draft provided) to raise awareness about the egg industry’s cruel use of confining battery cages.

Next Week’s ETC Meeting

September 19, 2008

I’ll continue to add commentary about items of interest to me as time permits. For full details about agenda contents, interested persons should log on to the city website and review what’s available there for themselves.

4:00 PM ETC(08)
Appeal of an order to muzzle a dog that bit an 80 y.o. man and his own dog.

4:30 PM? ETC(01)
Consent Item: TAC report #8. (1) Although TAC’s report notes that the committee received a copy of the City of Toronto Pedestrian Charter from A. Cook it neglects to mention that the committee only requested a copy of that document after a delegation by Greg Fowler; (2) TAC has “requested notification as to when the proposed Urban Design Program policies relating to pedestrian activity are being developed;” (3) a communication received from D. Szoller has been forwarded to staff but only describes it as “a new resource on active transportation” nor is it attached to the online agenda; (4) TAC comments about the Sifton Properties background study re Riverbend South Area/Subdivision Plan includes a recommendation that “roundabouts should not incorporate private driveways;” (5) identification of recent TAC appointments but no mention about Greg Fowler’s criticism of the secretive selection process that was employed.

4:30 PM? ETC(02)
Consent Item: Lead mitigation program & lead testing. “By adhering to a target of 500 lead service replacements per year, all lead services in London can be replaced within 18 years.” The pH of London’s treated drinking water is being raised in order to “reduce lead uptake” and is now in excess of 8.0 but “the long term impact of these changes will be determined through future testing.”

4:30 PM? ETC(03)
Consent Item: Traffic signal warrants re Highbury/Killarney Notwithstanding the refusal of city staff to consider traffic signals for the dangerous Commissioners/King Edward intersection as requested by Greg Fowler simply because it doesn’t meet the traffic volume criteria, staff are recommending that work proceed at this location even though it “does not yet meet signal warrants based on a recent traffic count.”

4:30 PM? ETC(04)
Consent Item: amendments to the traffic & parking by-law. Construction of Queens Ave. between Quebec Street and Elizabeth Street is now complete which reduces “the roadway to a single lane of one-way westbound traffic with the inclusion of a bicycle lane and on-street parking…to reduce the speeding.”

4:30 PM? ETC(05)
Consent Item: update re cat care program. Feral cats (that “live wild and are generally fearful of humans and avoid human
contact… roam free and reproduce at will… are a growing concern in the city”
“There are no estimates on the number of feral or stray cats in London In London, feral cats that are caught by citizens “must now be delivered to the shelter by the public” (in order to reduce the London Animal Care Centre workload) and “the majority…are euthanized.” The city will spend $7,750 – $17,000 (est) on development of a Feral Cat Management Plan (click link to read more).

4:40 PM? ETC(09)
ACE: 7th report. (1) the committee recommends that the 2009 Special Events Policies and Procedures Manual “incorporate the restriction of Rib Festival vendors plumbing grease and waste water directly into the City’s storm or sanitary sewers;” (2) this committee has an operating budget of only $1,000; (3) a document was received from the Council of Canadians re naturalization of London boulevards and forwarded to staff but no copy was attached to the online agenda; (4) the committee received a communication about “the enhancement of environmental profiles” from C. Morningstar but no copy was attached to the online agenda; (5) ACE will pay the expenses for D. Szoller and one other ACE member to attend an Oshawa event next month.

Delegation by Dir. Roads & Transport. (verbal) Ontario Good Roads Association.

7:00 PM ETC(07)
Public Participation Meeting. Update on the province’s proposed ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides; proposed city by-law amendment.

8:00 PM? ETC(06)
Delegation by New St. James Presbyterian Church. Request to waive the 2-hour parking limit around the church.

Increased Waste Collection Fines

September 6, 2008

In the absence of a municipal system of fines, the default max. amount is only $5,000 (section 61 of the Provincial Offences Act.)

Jay Stanford (Director of Environmental Programs & Solid Waste) is proposing that London’s waste collection by-law (WM-12) be amended so that higher waste management fines can be imposed.01 That’s possible because section 429 of the Municipal Act 2001 allows municipalities to establish their own system of fines for offences.

The proposal would see a $10,000 max. fine for a first conviction for individuals and $25,000 max. for subsequent convictions; $50,000 max. for a first conviction for corporations and $100,000 max. for subsequent convictions.

If approved at Monday’s ETC meeting, the proposal will then proceed to the next City Council meeting on September 15, 2008.

01. 2008/09/08 – City London: ETC Agenda item #4

Muzzle Equity

July 18, 2008

fowgre avatarA bit of an embarrassment, to be sure. Mail delivery to an entire neighbourhood suspended, because the dog with a penchant for running after postmen also happens to belong to one of the councillors who routinely decides matters relating to the city’s dog bylaw (inc. appeals of orders that dogs be muzzled).

Excuses and apologies and even the dog’s diminuitive size notwithstanding, the optics of this issue are important. Should politicians (or their pets) be treated to a different standard?

Submitted to the LFP earlier this afternoon …

Having attended many meetings of the ETC in which significant time was taken up by dog muzzling appeals, and knowing that in the vast majority of cases those dog owners did go away with a muzzle order imposed upon their dogs, and in the spirit of equality and fairness…

I propose that the simple solution to Mr. Hubert’s dilemna is that he muzzle his dog when it’s outside.

01. 2008/07/17; LFP; Postie-loving pooch…

Drive-Thru Debate Turned Circus.

July 15, 2008

KevBo avatar

Drive Thru
Drive Thru,
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The 60,000 people who opposed a ban on drive-thrus in London can celebrate tonight. Through our democratic system their voices were heard loud and clear by council and committee and such a ban has been averted by the will of the people.


TAC Appointment

June 22, 2008

fowgre avatarNow that the minutes of the 2008/06/16 ETC meeting have been published on the city website, I’m pleased to be able to announce here that I’ve been appointed to the city’s Transportation Advisory Committee as a pedestrian representative.

No word yet from the Community & Protective Services Committee about whether or not my application for membership on CSCP will be approved.


Submission to ETC re Fence By-law

May 29, 2008

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fowgre avatarThis is my submission to the city’s Environment and Transportation Committee, with respect to the proposed Fence By-law that they approved last Monday. The Chair of the committee has promised to circulate it among the Council members and to refer to it during this week’s the next Council meeting (see ‘Background’ for an explanation). Hopefully, our posturing local politicians will have the integrity to record the vote. Be advised that it is a work in progress. Expect modifications/additions between now and then.


Committee Meetings – 2008/05/26

May 26, 2008

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Here’s my blow-by-blow description of what’s happening in this week’s committee meetings at City Hall…


Amending London’s Fence By-law

May 25, 2008

According to the ETC agenda (which as usual wasn’t available on the city website until yesterday), senior city administrators are proposing changes to London’s existing fence by-law.

As London’s most prominent pedestrian rights/safety advocate, it bothers me considerably that I have to find out about something like this at the last minute, and only because of my own personal due diligence. For the moment, I’ll simply remind you that the subject of timely notification to interested citizens is something that I’ve addressed with many local politicians and staff, and did speak about in at least one of my verbal submissions to the Governance Task Force.

To Heather Lysynski
Cc Cheryl Miller ; Gord Hume ; Steve Orser ; Walter Lonc ; Paul Hubert ; Joni Baechler ; Roger Caranci
From Greg Fowler
Date Sat, 24 May 2008 06:39:44 PM
Subject Request for ETC Delegate Status
Chair & Members
Environment and Transportation Committee

May 24, 2008

Please accept this request to be granted delegate status during the 2008/05/26 ETC public meeting with respect to agenda item #18 (revised Fence By-law).

Be advised that I wish to express a particular concern which has so far been ignored by city staff and my ward Councillor, from the perspective of my role as a pedestrian rights/safety advocate in this community.


Mr. Gregory Fowler

Since I only just became aware of this staff recommendation, I’m still working on the submission. You’ll have to check back here again later in order to read it. Stay tuned…

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Municipal Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006 (Bill 130)
Municipal Act, 2001 Review

ETC’s Accessible Taxi Licences Referral Motion

May 5, 2008

Home at last. Almost 4 hours of verbal presentations from members of the public, and in the end a deferral motion that, although unanimous, may (or may not) have been achieved by an illegal procedure.

It seems to me that, after an first motion by Controller Hume was clearly defeated, and with a subsequent motion by Councillor Orser on the floor, the Chair did allow the original motion to be re-argued. Despite the fact that those arguments were clearly contrary to the second motion.

I will have to carefully review my audio recording of the evening’s events and consult what legislation I can find online. Give me some time, but I will get back to you on that.

000003 000002 000001


Addendum 2008/05/06 06:00PM:

I’m a person with multiple disabilities who worked as a London taxi owner/operator for years. Forced out of the business that I loved because, after expenses, there was less left for me than what people on welfare receive. The money that I had to pay Jim Donnelly Sr. to lease that piece of tin, could have made all the difference.

Something else that occurred to me over the course of the 4 hours that I sat there listening, was the obviously significant increase in the number of immigrant taxi drivers since I left the business. Most importantly, I have to wonder how many of them got suckered into buying plates at monumentally inflated prices from long-time plate owners who could see the writing on the wall? Who have now probably moved south to live out the rest of their lives in luxury without the slightest concern for those who are faced with the risk/fear of losing such investment? As usual, it’s the little guy who takes it on the chin. Whatever happens, I don’t think the Donnelly’s are going to suffer.

Addendum 2008/05/06 06:45PM:

Read the comments to this blog post, particularly the electrifying one just posted. Where’s a municipal Ombudsman when you need one?

Addendum 2008/05/06 08:30PM:

Blog stats hit new highs today. I think I touched a nerve. Or three. Thanks very much for all the emails, and keep them coming. I promise that I’ll read each and every one and respond, but it may take a while.

Addendum 2008/05/08 05:30PM:

My apology for the delay. The response to my blog posts has been rather overwhelming the past couple of days. Here is my unedited audio recording of the decision portion of the meeting:

ETC Update

May 5, 2008

Coming to you live from downtown London, only moments after having left the ETC meeting at City Hall, where the Roads Rehabilitation budget proposal was passed without any discussion. What cowards!

I’m taking a moment to grab some supper before heading over to Centennial Hall for the public participation meeting re Accessible Taxi Licenses, but I’ll update this post before long. Stay tuned, and thanks for the emails!

Committee Meetings – 2008/05/05

May 4, 2008

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Here’s my blow-by-blow description of what’s happening in this week’s committee meetings at City Hall…


Committee Meetings – 2008/04/21

April 20, 2008

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Here’s my blow-by-blow description of what’s happening in this week’s committee meetings at City Hall…