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Would You Pedal for the Sally Ann?

January 28, 2008

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The Salvation Army’s shelter on Jarvis Street in Toronto plans to launch it’s WeloBike Project 2008/02/12. The initiative will depend upon volunteers to pedal old exercise bikes that have been retrofitted to allow generated energy to be stored in attached battery packs. That reserve of energy will then be used to light the shelter’s rooms.



Kellogg Canada’s Pedometer Promo

January 3, 2008

Kellogg’s Canada issued a ‘health challenge’ media release today, which includes an announcement about the inclusion of pedometers in ‘specially marked boxes’ of it’s cereals, and which “is being supported with a creative television advertising campaign.”

   TORONTO, Jan. 3 /CNW/ - 
   Put your best foot forward this New Year - literally.
       Kellogg Canada is encouraging Canadians to maintain 
   a healthy body weight with a new step counter campaign 
   designed to increase their physical activity levels.
      A recent study published in the Journal of the American 
   Medical Association shows that wearing a pedometer is 
   associated with significant increases in physical activity 
   and significant decreases in body mass index and blood 
   pressure. Overall, study participants using a pedometer 
   increased physical activity by 27 per cent - or an 
   additional 2,000 steps per day(1).
      Beginning this week, 1.1 million step counters will 
   appear in specially marked boxes of Kellogg's Special K 
   Original, Special K Red Berries, Special K Vanilla Almond, 
   Special K Chocolatey Delight, and Special K Fruit and 
   Yogurt flavour cereals, while quantities last.
      "Kellogg Canada is once again making it easier for 
   Canadians to increase their physical activity levels while 
   achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight," said 
   Christine Lowry, Vice President, Nutrition and Corporate
   Affairs, Kellogg Canada. "Using a Special K step counter 
   to monitor daily steps can be a simple and effective 
   motivator particularly at this time of year."
      To find out more about the Special K Challenge, 
   Canadians are invited to visit the new website where they can find tracking
   tools, tips and articles geared towards helping consumers 
   with their shape management goals.  

There are rapidly increasing numbers of businesses jumping on the ‘green’ and ‘healthy’ bandwagons and there’s no doubt in my mind that, for many of them, it’s a lot more about self-promotion than any concern about your well-being or the environment. But I don’t lose too much sleep worrying about their motivation. Instead, I try to focus on whether or not their initiatives produce positive benefits for our society.

I’ve been wearing a pedometer for almost a year, and it’s been a smart lifestyle choice for me. With the help of this inexpensive, simple device, and by recording my distance at the end of each day, I was forced to accept the fact that I had previously been over-estimating the amount of walking that I was doing. But those days of fooling myself are over. My spreadsheet is a stark reminder of how well I’ve done, week after week, and that’s a great motivator.

I’m not encouraging you to go out and buy cereal simply so that you can get a ‘free’ pedometer. Especially if that cereal contains sugar, or chocolate, etc. But I do recommend that you get one of these devices. And although some of them come with ‘bells and whistles’ and a correspondingly higher price, I’ve been completely satisfied with the functionality of my $10 unit.

Still looking for a New Year’s resolution?