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Fast-Car Ads Hit Quebec Roadblock

December 18, 2007

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An amendment to Quebec’s Bill 42 (highway safety) would “give the provincial auto insurance board the mandate to come up with guidelines to ban [car] ads that depict ‘heedless, careless or dangerous behaviour and gestures’ “ and more.


Hamilton’s New Garbage Limits

November 30, 2007

It’s more confusing than it has to be. It will take a lot longer to put in place than is necessary. But despite all that, Hamilton’s new policy on garbage pickup is going in the right direction, and puts London’s 4-bag system to shame.

3 x 23 kg. containers (MAX). Extra containers get an “oops” tag and are left at the curb.

2 x 23 kg. containers (MAX); one must be a clear bag for non-recyclables and non-organics ONLY (if it contains anything else it will be tagged and left behind). Extra containers get an “oops” tag and are left at the curb.

2010/04/05- 1 x 23 kg. container ONLY. Extra containers will be left behind.

Exemptions Special consideration for households with more than three children under five years old to allow for diapers.

Special consideration for residents with medical conditions.

3 x 3-container days (following Victoria Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s).

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2007/11/17 – FMBS: Proposed Hamilton Garbage Limit
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Proposed Hamilton Garbage Limit

November 17, 2007

Something that may be of interest, especially to those who like to gripe about London’s 4 x 20kg garbage container limit…

Staff at Hamilton’s City Hall are recommending the imposition of a one-bag or one-can-a-week garbage limit starting in March (“City aims for one-bag garbage limit in ’08“; Eric McGuinness; Hamilton Spectator; 2007/11/17).

Hamilton has set a target of trying to divert 65% of household waste into blue boxes and green carts instead of garbage bags by 2008, but only managed about 40% last year.

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Enforcement, not Posturing

January 23, 2006

Project SpeedwatchThe Speedwatch radar trailer is deployed by officers from the Auxiliary Police Section in various areas of the City where chronic speeding violations have been reported. By informing the motoring public of both their current speed and the posted speed limit, the Speedwatch sign is both a public education program and a deterrent.

Despite all of the concerns that I have expressed about pedestrian safety along this stretch of Commissioners Road East, there has been no noticeable response from London Police Services. With one exception. When a 12-year-old C. C. Carrothers public school pupil was struck while crossing the Commissioners & Pond Mills intersection in early November, Sgt. Tom O’Brien appeared on A-Channel, standing beside the Speedwatch trailer that had been quickly located at Commissioners & King Edward. Speedwatch was then removed, almost as soon as the tv cameras were turned off. And it hasn’t been back again since then.

But according to Sgt. Tom O’Brien, “The London Police Service has one Speedwatch trailer. It is utilized throughout the entire city dependant upon weather conditions and personnel availability.”

So, am I being unfair to police? I remain steadfast in my belief that there is a serious lack of enforcement in London and that pedestrians are consequently being put at unnecessary risk. But who’s to blame? Police, for not buying/using more of these trailers? Or City Hall, for underfunding police so much that they can’t afford the equipment and/or personnel?