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South Winds’ Guilty Plea

December 17, 2007

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The Corporation of The City of London
December 17, 2007

A London company has committed to a long term 
reforestation program as a result of charges under 
City of London tree conservation bylaw.

In Provincial Court in London this morning, 
South Winds Development Inc. pleaded guilty to 
charges related to an incident earlier this year. 
The firm was fined $2,500.00 with an additional 
$7,500.00 being earmarked to Reforest London. 
In addition to those funds the company 
voluntarily committed to a five year, 
$5,000.00 a year donation to Reforest London 
for thousands of seedlings and trees to be planted 
in areas determined by the volunteer group.


McParking Fines

December 11, 2007

Happy enough to lure children into a fast-food lifestyle, but not so pleased with it’s older drive-thru customers, or so it seems.

A McDonald’s spokesperson explained that they have imposed parking restrictions in England. Drivers who are still on it’s lots 45 minutes after receiving their order are hit with a £125 ticket (approx. $225) because “people were abusing…privileges” (‘McParking row as slow eaters are fined‘; The Guardian; 2007/12/11).


Hamilton’s New Garbage Limits

November 30, 2007

It’s more confusing than it has to be. It will take a lot longer to put in place than is necessary. But despite all that, Hamilton’s new policy on garbage pickup is going in the right direction, and puts London’s 4-bag system to shame.

3 x 23 kg. containers (MAX). Extra containers get an “oops” tag and are left at the curb.

2 x 23 kg. containers (MAX); one must be a clear bag for non-recyclables and non-organics ONLY (if it contains anything else it will be tagged and left behind). Extra containers get an “oops” tag and are left at the curb.

2010/04/05- 1 x 23 kg. container ONLY. Extra containers will be left behind.

Exemptions Special consideration for households with more than three children under five years old to allow for diapers.

Special consideration for residents with medical conditions.

3 x 3-container days (following Victoria Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s).

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2007/11/17 – FMBS: Proposed Hamilton Garbage Limit
2007/11/17 – Spectator: What did we just do?

The Bell Public Art Project

November 17, 2007

During last year’s municipal election campaign, I suggested a number of anti-graffitti remedies that could be tried, including business-sponsored public murals.

According to the City of London website, Bell Canada undertook a pilot project as part of the City of London’s Graffiti Management Strategy. It’s similar to a previous Toronto project that I posted about on my blog last April (click HERE).

Two murals have been painted on utility boxes. One of the boxes is located at the Queens Ave. former library site, and the other one is on Queens Ave. just east of Adelaide St.

Click HERE to see the slideshow of how they’ve done the same thing in Brisbane, Australia!

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